Back…with a Vengeance

Yes, there are photos. No, I don’t know where the camera is. But I do know it’s covered in zombie parts. Were you thinking sand?
Would the Pigs go to the beach for a vacation? No, we had a week long Zombie Fighting Convention.

Although I may have gotten a few too many blows to the head, because now I’m all crochet crazy.

Top secret-crochet was my first fiber love. Picking up a hook is like snuggling up to a dirty hippie and sniffing that sweet, sweet patchouli. It’s dirty, I like it and now I can’t stop.

So, what is this? Robyn Chachula will be dropping some crochet knowledge in the area, so looks like I converted just in time.

Now, back with a vengeance? Yeah, because I’ve got to attack all the zombies in Southern Lower Michigan that think they can just roam free, plus knock out my GIANT stash of yarn that was greatly fortifited by the Michigan Fiber Festival.
Hark! What is that I smell? Is there a bit of crispness to the air, a wee bit of chill, something of a nip?
Why, yes! I do believe that I’m going to need all that yarn. Why? Because it’s Michigan, and it’s August, it could start snowying any day friends, any day.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I really like those crochet designs. I really need to get to busting my crochet UFOs. After flubbing the Ravelympics, that is.


  2. Oh dear God, you’re talking about snow and our temps are in the 90s.We won’t see any snow, if we see any at all, until at least November.


  3. I’m sitting here wearing a sweatshirt and my bare feet are cold! It got down to the forties last night. It’s August for Pete’s Sake! But like you said, it’s Michigan, even better . . . it’s Northern Michigan!I, too, began my fiber love with crochet. But it was acrylic fiber love, shameful.


  4. I think we may have all learned to knit/crochet with the same lot of red acrylic yarn. It was all the rage, it was going to save the world! Hey! Have you seen, I can’t believe I am saying this, the RED HEART recycled yarn? Eco-Cotton and Eco-Ways? There, I’ve lost all clout I may have had.


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