Tigers, James Taylor, Knitting and Olympics, I did that

We went on a Team B mission yesterday. No, not a mission for cake, we just had Team B pie.

We were looking for the elusive Tiger’s second baseman T shirt for tracyb. Well, for less than 1 million dollars.
We did hit a few speed bumps on the way.
Turns out soylet green isn’t the only thing that’s made of people these days.
We took some time off the search to hit the swings at the local playground. That’s when we were struck by song writing gold!
You know, James Taylor, he had fire, and he had rain, but darn it, did he have 2 Pigs, a 2 mile hike back to the car due to a freak ran storm?
I think not. Otherwise, he might have came up with this song, like Team B did…

We are Team B, We don’t Complain
We are Team B, We like the Rain
Put that in your pipe and smoke it Sweet Baby James.

It may appear that the Vogue Knitting Magazine is a wee bit beat up. Were Vogue and Interweave fighting for Knit Mag supremecy? If so, I have to say Vogue wins hands down. What is wrong with you Interweave? Why are you so weak? Has Sandi Wiseheart and her “Yes-Women” gotten the better of you?
No, the Vogue was in the backpack during the downpour, there was no Epic battle.
Speaking of Epic Battles-NO POLANCO. But we did find most of his team mates.

Actually, this morning we got a call from this nice gentleman calling himself Mr Leyland saying
“Holly, it was real nice meeting you at the Park yesterday, but I’m gonna need my guys’ shirts back.”
I said I’d return the rest of the shirts if he’d give me one Polanco one. We’ll see what happens.
HEY speaking of sports! It’s the start of the Olympics! (RIB FEST too if you are local and more into competive eating)

Did I tell you I was a Ravelympian too? What’s a Ravelympian?

It’s pure chaos. You pick catergories to knit in and then try to get said item done during the Olympic games.
Yes, yes, Carina is doing like 900 pairs of mittens, with a recovering broken arm, and I am making one lousy scarf. In my defense, it’s a fancy scarf, and I tend to, uh, not shave my legs.
I held that serious pose for about 2 bars of O Canada and lost it.

5 responses to this post.

  1. That yarn and that scarf will look awesome together!Were those hailstones in your picture?And thank you for looking for Polanco, but I told you, no shirts! He is the most underappreciated Tiger ever! Joe said the other day he hit two homeruns and they still lost the game! Come on all you boys with your name plastered to the back of a cheap shirt, help a brother out!


  2. Ok, $19.99 Amazon, fansports, etc, etc, but really, I was EVERYWHERE yesterday, and not a single shirt!!!It is my new Tigers obsession!!! Like I need another Detroit related obsession! I have 2 more local shops to check…That was not hail, it was just huge rain drops…now I could have channeled b j thomas


  3. You can turn any day into an adventure, can’t you? You’re the coolest Mom I know! THe Pigs are lucky kids!


  4. I love James Taylor. *sigh*I’m only doing two mittens and swatches offically, with a bonus third in case I finish early (hahahaha! soooo not happening!). Since my arm’s getting better, I think I can get it all done plus the baby stuff I have to have done by next Saturday. Dang, I’m starting to sound like the Yarn Harlot.Oh, and I totally agree–VK was way better this time.


  5. Nothing wrong with being wet.


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