Oh, Man, it was as good as Cake

What’s this?? Not a zombie in sight? Knitting, fancy bags and happiness everywhere? What’s going on?

Why it must be a Zombie Prom Date Knitter Gathering!

I would like to point out now that these are actual park photos and real knitters. I did not just throw the Addy sweater down a picnic table next to a person and say “may I take your photo? I won’t put your head in.”

See, here’s the deal…Spinsanity, and Em were out until 5 am at a 4 alarm zombie invasion. The other Battle Creek slayers were, well out for the count…one with a broken arm, one working with Dr. Indiana Jones himself. You can’t turn down Indy!

So, due to the late night, I was requested to keep the damn evil freaking camera out of several faces. Yeah. I did. Hahahaaaa!

Look! I even included a headless photo of me!

For those of you thinking “Gee, I’d love to start working on a green or orange square for the Hopps for Hope Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Blanket that will be donated to Hope Lodge at the end of summer, but I can’t decide which color to use…don’t decide!!

Look what Em and Shannon whipped up special for the occasion! Hand dyed, spun, and soon to be hand knit! Man, I feel like such a slacker.

Speaking of making me feel like a slacker. Check out what arrived in the mail from Amy!!!
3 More Squares for the cause! A leafy one, a hearty one, and a special tye dye one! Yeah, all fancy knit and dyed.

What’s that line from that Puff Daddy song? “Worse Knitter in my Crew” That’s how I sing it, oh well, it’s all about the Charity. (I’m really reaching now.)

Crap! The evil camera caught three human heads! HA! Delicious with fresh tomatoes.

Did you notice the huge pile of books in photo numero uno? Well, turns out I missed Interweave’s Hurt book sale…AGAIN this year. But the headless body seriously scored!!!

I only peeked at the pages as headless body numero dos flipped through the pages.

I may have missed the deals at the hurt book sale, but alas, I can ease the pain with another sale…KnitPicks is letting loose with 40% off all in stock books now through August 8th.

I know, I know. I can’t spend too much because, soon, it’s

Allegan Fair Grounds
August 16th and 17th
$5 per person per day or $8 for the weekend
I’ll be there Saturday…I mean all day baby, all day. I plan to be in front of Briar Rose Fibers at 12 noon! See you then Chris!!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Damn! another NORTHERN fiber fest! Don’t think I can swing that one. And Briar Rose won’t be at SAFF in Ashville in October 😦 RATS! Well HB, I’m green with envy. Have enough fun for both of us!


  2. I should’ve shared the books with you. I was in such a weird mood on Wednesday and don’t know what was wrong with me. I’m blaming the heat.We had fun, though. I really like that park.


  3. August is a great month. It is the month of my birthday, which means great things for the whole world although they don’t know it yet. It is also the month of my mother’s nameday and the Assumption of the Virgin into the skies. So, it’s all guid. And I’m jealous that I can’t participate in these various fests. I feel you’re discriminating against me because you want to be Canajan, you’re not, I am, and you can’t really deal with that. 🙂


  4. Evil camera indeed. Glan you kept it under control and it only escaped the once!


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