Camping/Knitting Outing Cancelled

If you had heard there was a tentative Camping/Knitting Outing Scheduled due for this weekend…

It has been CANCELED due to lack of interest/attendance etc

On another note, I will be making 1 million pounds, liters, of sloppy joes instead. If that sounds more fun to you, I can hook you up. If you need to work off some community service time to say, graduate from High School or for something more embarrassing, I can help this weekend and later in August. I’ve got connections.

So, again, NO CAMPING OR KNITTING IN THE WOODS. I mean, feel free, but no one will be there with a shovel to defend you from the zombies, you’re on your own.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Dude, with my arm and basement and crap, I totally forgot. Good thing, since David’s on-call all weekend, but still. Wah!


  2. Dude, Carina, your poor arm is freakin’ everywhere, isn’t it?I’ll be at da beach. Oh. My. We leave at dawn tomorrow. I’m sooo not ready.


  3. Hey Holly: a million litres of Sloppy Joes sounds great! Sorry about the lack of interest. Sigh. You’re hereby invited to my party on 16 August in Toronto. Bring a few litres of Sloppy Joes. We’ll provide the booze. If you’re free, Email me. I’m sad to say, though, that it will not be a kid-friendly party. So, as much as I love the Pigs vicariously, they’re not invited. But if you and Ogre (or you by yourself) like copious amounts of Greek/Middle Eastern food, booze, etc…:)


  4. PS Holly – I should mention the reasons for the party in case it will actually make you come here. My birthday is on the party date (as it happens) but it’s actually a party for my mother as she is called Maria and so her nameday falls on 15 August (the day that the Virgin was taken into the heavens). I have a tradition of hosting nameday parties for my mother (and last year, the party fell right on her nameday). She had hoped I would be born on her nameday but it didn’t quite work out that way. But she loves the fact that I bring her to Toronto and get a whole bunch of people together for her nameday. So it’s all guid.


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