School Supplies lead to Your Local Yarn Store

So I’m at Target trying to send the Pigs back to school with 35 cent crayons in their 5 year old back packs (no, pigs, you can’t get new backpacks, your old ones are fine.)

When who do I run into at the check out???

Kelly J! I was all “OMG! When is that baby due?”

She was all “Yeah, baby, August, super excited! But here’s the real scoop…


Check out this yarny goodness!!!

This was all while I was still in the check out lane. I had the Pigs and a Target security person put away carts while I got the details all sharpie-d onto my reciept…let’s hope I don’t need to return any of those 35 cent crayolas.

2171 West Columbia Ave
Battle Creek, MI 49015
(269) 964-1256

So, hip hop hurray for back to school sales at Target! A big shout out to Kelly J. and the crew!

Plus a holy cow to whoever can get there first and report back!!!! They are not open MONDAYS! They open at 10 on Tuesdays…I, uh, I have no other news, I had to get out, before we were all kicked out.


9 responses to this post.

  1. WOO HOO!!! Guess where Em and I will be at 10AM tomorrow?


  2. Wish I could go there… have fun all!


  3. OMG! How cool is that! Guess we know where Holly B will be hanging from now on. Kelly J; Congrats on the store and best wishes!!!


  4. Oh, look at all that yarn! Have fun this morning, do some yarn shopping for those of us stuck elsewhere!


  5. Holy Crap! I am so there. It will have to be later as today I am off to run, then to hold my friends hand while she gets a tattoo. Let me know when you make it here and we can meet up.


  6. Reporting back on our local yarn store….oooooh. my. gawd. It’s all even more drool-worthy than the pics! You know the yarn store you’d do if you were gonna do a yarn store? It’s done. Well, it will be…they’re still unpacking. Awesome awesomeness. And there’s a nice sit and knit area just calling out to us ZPDK.


  7. I must go there tomorrow. I tried to go today, but with David sick, it didn’t work out. How fun!!


  8. Hey I was there too! While I was there I heard mumblings of Zombies meeting there. My buying spree was put on hold because I spent my yarn money on a tattoo. That’s ok. I will be back to support the new store.


  9. Tattoos, yarn, zombies, meet ups!!! It’s like all my favorite things and I wasn’t there!!! Wait!!!!WAIT!!! Was there cake? If there was no frosting on site, I’m fine until next time!Bec, I can’t believe you were there too!!!


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