Was it Adventure? Well it did Rain!

We totally blew off our Zombie slaying and evil pharmaceutical duties and went here instead!

You can tell this is a photo from my camera because of the lamp post and garbage can.

Ok, the first day, our Navy Pier day, it was not this beautiful. But it was PIG BEAUTIFUL!!!

We threatened the Pigs with being thrown off the end of the Pier, and then, well, they wanted to be.

Look, booze everywhere!

Ok, not in the Children’s Museum, but it was available just outside.

Really. Just outside.

Day 2, The Familia De Ogre attacks the Field Museum!

While in the Field Museum, the battles were fierce. Even Pig 3 had to use his deadliest weapons…

He talked this gator to extinction. I slayed an entire pack of wild asses with my ravelry t shirt.

Wait, that was at the Planetarium, and it was only one teenage boy kicking my seat. Eh, it sounds better the first way.

Here Pig 1 has successfully tricked the Parents out of $10 at a gift shop. This is a first.

He chose a long lasting educational item…You have chosen…wisely…clink, clink, clink (that’s the sound of the $10 bill being released from the vault of my pocket during the guard duty and monotone saying of no-no-no-no-no while in the gift shop)

What was my reward? Fuego Loco

The Pigs reward? They got to stop being dragged around culture. Wait! Did they get tricked into sitting on an object d’art?


Did I knit? Only in the hotel room. Did I wear my Ravelry t’s? With PRIDE!!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Holly, come on up tomorrow to TO. $2.99 margaritas (or a double for $5.95) at Tortilla Flats, a hop skip and jump from my office…


  2. I love that picture of the Familia de Ogre in strike position. Once when my son was three we went to some carnival for Joe’s work, with all the big wigs and their families, and Joseph totally struck that pose (thank you Power Rangers) when one of the oompa loompa dudes came up to shake his hand. It’s family legend that one!


  3. Love the “Familia de Ogre” pic too! Reminds me of our family vacations…Mom dressed all 4 of us kids the same (3 girls and a boy) so if one went missing you knew what to look for. Ha! Good times.


  4. Looks like a good time was had by all. That little trip truly had something for the whole family!I think Pig 3 should meet my niece Madeline. I think they would make quite the pair.


  5. Ha! I’m caught! I dress the Pigs alike so they are easier to spot! If you notice all of us are actually rocking the green…We were supposed to be in Tye Dye the first day, but apparently I was the only one who got the message.If Pig3 and Madeline could talk together and leave other humans to talk alone, that would be AWESOME!


  6. We’ve been talking about a Chicago trip. *sigh* I’m dying for some good Chinese food. Sooooo jealous . . .


  7. Chi-town! How much fun! We missed you at the brunch @ Jeanne & Melvy's place!!


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