Fall Knitscene…Be Prepared for EVIL

Is it just me or is the Fall Knitscene preview all about the fat chicks?

Check out the Abbess pullover. I would have named it “Frumpy.” I would have also had a photo, but blogger is being an ass.

It’s practically Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason. Renee Zellweger was too heavy to look at. Oh snap, I used to be a big girl, so stop your bitching. Yes, yes, pre 3 pigs, I there was 60 more pounds of Snot to throw around. With the Ogre’s continuous strawberry confections, I’m on my way back there too.

Now I like me some realistic models, but it JUST turned summer around Michigan parts, and I guess I’m not used to layers for warmth. I’m used to my layers as in blubber hanging over a pair of cut off levis with a baby on the hip layers. Sometimes the only layer is a good chili dog. But dang, we make good chili dogs around here.

Oh, I just found my explanation in the editor’s letter. It basically boils down to “Americans are fat.”

“These are not novelty projects or purely conceptual, these are work-horse knits that fit into everyday life and can become funky or trendy through styling. At the end of the day, though phenomenal and intriguing as knits, these projects are real clothes.”

So, we can enjoy the patterns in the up coming Knitscene as is, and accept that we are all over weight, under exercised and out of shape. Or, we can actually turn off the air conditioning, in turn saving energy (VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!), get outside ride a bike, garden, ENJOY SUMMER! Then maybe, just maybe, scoff at those everyday life knits that knitscene is trying to offer up. Plus, it would use up less yarn that way.


12 responses to this post.

  1. That is not a sweater I would knit…or wear. I’m not a sweater knitter, though, so I thought it was just me.


  2. Well it does go down to a size 33…it might look different than. But be thankful they used a larger model, just think if a person of size were to knit it because it goes to size 48…than they’d look just like the model….scary huh?? “People of size” like and need to see realistic models sometimes so the delusion of “hey that would look great on me”, is just that, a delusion……..I personally think that the Ahlstrom Bodice is really cool, and have the yarn in my stash. I am sure the Wednesday Hat is on your agenda for Winter Zombie fighting.


  3. Hey, watch it, chickie… I think I need me one of those in every color I can find. Maybe even STRIPES!


  4. The abbess pullover is an example of something that fat people should NOT wear!(I speak as a fat person who used to be skinny!) But I did like that canopy cardigan at the very bottom. 🙂


  5. Whoa! if that girl is “of size” than I’m off to the fat farm! I’m in serious trouble!


  6. Guys, what’s up with the bordeaux jacket as well – or at least the shiny lame dress the model is wearing with it?!? As for the Abbess pullover – knitted chain mail. Need I say any more?!?


  7. Um, I would call them fugly instead. I’ve got the *More Big Girl Knits* book, and those sweaters are gorgeous and flattering and oh-so-nice. These, well, they’re just ugly. Some of them might be better in other yarns, but where’s the shaping, where’s the style, and where’s the fashion? The colors aren’t good, the yarns don’t drape well, and they don’t look flattering on anyone. Ugh, ugh, ugh.Hey, I’m fat, and I totally know that, but I want to make a sweater that’s flattering and pretty, not fugly.


  8. Well said Carina, well said!


  9. Amen Carina, Amen.Holly…you should forward some of these comments to the mag. They really dropped the ball on this issue.


  10. I am glad you all felt the same. I for once was actually worried to post. ME, worried about crossing a line!But isn’t it funny that their goal for “real life” sweaters were’nt very awesome? I want an awesome real life!Yes, Wednesday Hat is going to be the go to hat for Zombie Fighting!!!I can’t send letters to editor, Interweave is the only magazine I’m not banded from contacting.


  11. Why are all the “real life” sweaters brown? To hide all the stains we make in real life, I guess.It cracks me up that in an issues 90% full of brown sweaters they have a theme of “Forest of Color.”


  12. I was shocked when I saw the Knitscene preview– I was under the assumption that it was supposed to be geared towards the trendy/younger knitters set. Almost all of the patterns were frumpy and boring. I mean, I’m frumpy and boring too, but I normally enjoy looking at Knitscene to see what all the hip knitters are making and I was just confused. Is this supposed to be some sort of edgy irony?


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