Put to Shame…Again…More…Still

Brought to you by Linda of Fat Cat Crochet, all the way from South Carolina!

She’s started her own Crochet/Knit group…meeting at the Tiki Hut, how cool is that? Makes the most amazing crochet grocery string bags and started selling them so she could donate to the Alzheimer’s Organization in her Mom’s Honor.
Then she still knocks out these 4 lovely squares for the Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Blanket!
Plus, her squares are square. Mine, oval. How am I knitting ovals?
I’d now like to take this opportunity to announce that I am quitting my job at the lab so that I can fully dedicate myself to the Pigs, my knitting, and my charity work and zombie slaying. Yes, working at the lab is really cutting into going to the zoo, family adventure time, and may be the reason my knitting of squares has resulted in knitting of ovals.
Ok, maybe the ovals are due to my bad math, running out of yarn, having to put on a border, just winging the border, saying “eh, it will all come out straight when it gets sewed together” not realizing I will be helping to sew it together, so the whole blanket will probably be oval…
Probably it’s not so much the lab, that’s holding back the knitting, it’s all my hardliving zombie slaying lifestyle. Because really, can you get your knit on after you’ve chased a flannel wearing zombie through the back field, while carrying a shovel gotten all muddy and well, slimey. Then you have to clean up. It’s difficult, to say the least.

6 responses to this post.

  1. I love that last one. It’s so pretty!I hope we can find someone who loves orange and green as much as we do who will want the blanket. šŸ™‚


  2. Some fancy squares! How big are they supposed to be again? And must they be orange and green? (Sorry, mea culpa – I must have missed a couple of blog posts while away… )Congrats on quitting the job. Yippee!


  3. Gainful employment has never slain a single zombie! You have done the right thing. šŸ™‚


  4. Woo-Whoo!! No more lab! YEE-Haa! More Pig Time! Yippee!! Which I could quit my job. Some day!


  5. ovals rock.


  6. It’s so easy, I can’t resist…Oval Roll!!


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