Zombie Prom Date Knitters-Summer Schedule of Doom

Oh, the laughs never stop with this group! Well, maybe they will! School’s out, kids are home what will the fearless zombie slaying knitters do during the day???

Go to local parks! Ah yes.

Since this is summer, and you may not be able to make it. Cool with us. We might not be able to make it either.

Plus, with gas at $1 million dollars a gallon, we may also make this an every other week thing. But if you miss the general jack assery of it all, ORGANIZE A CAR POOL.

Location? Dead smack in the middle of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek? Now, some of you are going to complain anyway, so before you start, with whatever your complaint is…you can always go knit

1.by yourself 2.without bugs, in an airconditioned coffee shop 3.at an ice cream shop

You’ve got other options, this is just one of many.

If you want me to break it down for you more, I don’t care, this is just where I will be with my loud, horrible children. Feel free to bring your loud horrible children too, or dogs, but I’m not watching your kids, just mine.

Location: Coldbrook Park

14467 East “MN” Avenue

Climax, MI(269) 746-4270

Now when people ask you can say “I’M GOING TO CLIMAX!!!!”

Not only is the location equally inconvient for everyone, but they also have camping. Yes, we could have a big stinky Jewel style Knitting Slumber Party!

Cost:$5 day pass or $25 year pass if you can’t afford this, we will return our “Roman Coke” coke cans and start a fund.

An annual pass gets you into all 5 Kalamazoo County Parks, including the park that is freakishly close to my house. Which would also be another excellent choice for knitting get togethers. (The park, not my house. )

Time: 3pm until the bugs start biting, sun sets, weather fails us, or all hell breaks loose

Day: Wednesday

Snacks-Oh, yes, did I mention snacks? I will be bringing a GIANT THING OF POTABLE H2O

but you have to bring your own dang reusable cup. I will not fill a paper cup for you! But I will give you a cookie. You could do the same for me. You could bring a snack. We could also have a garden swap. It could be a whole thing.

So, you in?

Clearly and without the Jargon?

Zombie Prom Date Knitters-Hump day in the Park

Coldbrook Park

Wednesdays-starting July 2

3pm-you decide to leave

Water will be provided

bring a snack

bring your own reusable dishes or you will be mocked


5 responses to this post.

  1. We always know where we stand with Holly B don’t we?! Love ya HB!


  2. Yep! I’d complain the whole time but I’d use super human strength to lift a car off any of you!


  3. I think we are twins from different mothers, born on different days, in different years, seperated at birth:)


  4. Sounds great to me! I’ll be bringing my horrible kids so they can play with the boys and keep each other running until they fall asleep standing.So, if a Rum and Coke has rum in it, what would make a Roman coke Roman? 😉


  5. So no more Thursdays at Water Street? I will be gone at the beginning of July for the park day, but let me know if you are all knitting somewhere before then. Kristin


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