Spinsanity’s got new Stock!!! New Stock!!!

Please, save me from myself. Check out the new spindles Spinsanity put up at her etsy shop:
Tribal, love, harmony…

Floral, electric blue…hypnotic
She’s even got a radioactive one! It’s RADIOACTIVE!!! Science and fiber?? Be still my heart.
I wonder if Marie Curie will order it?

10 responses to this post.

  1. That Tribal spindle is SO cool! It’s beautiful in simplicity and form. Spinsanity does great work. Holly’s Dad


  2. I’m lovin’ those spindles. Especially the tribal one. I’ve got to learn to spin.


  3. Learn to spin, learn to spin.That’s actually my mantra when I am spinning. It’s hypnotic and fun.We are going to have to set up a Zombie Prom Date Knitters “Learn to Spin” Slumber Party!!! Completely worked around Tracyb’s schedule!!


  4. Oh, Snotty One…you’re gonna ask for a title and a raise soon, aren’t you? A sweet little corner office? A spindle named after you? Whatever you want, chickie.YES…a ZPDK-learn-to-spin-slumber-party!! The spinners took over B&N knit night last night. Shannon brought her new wheel, Em brought the toy and I brought Vic (and spindles, of course). Much fun was had by all. (they’re gonna kick us out of knitting guild as traitors, I think)


  5. Oh, and… I thought “Need more wine!” was your spinning mantra?


  6. Ok, I throw the “need more wine” in when the spinning gets crap!No corner office, but sure, a spindle named after me would be pretty sweet!


  7. You guys are so much fun! I’m all for the “Learn to Spin” Slumber Party!


  8. I love your Ravelry t-shirt too! Ohhhh, did I hear the word etsy? I love love love shopping on there! I don’t know how to spin, I may learn next month. I love those spindles!


  9. I’ve been spinning more lately than I’ve been knitting. *blush* I might “need” another Spinsanity spindle, though. A fancy-schmancy one I got at Fiber Fest last year wobbles too much for me, and I need to keep spindling that fiber.


  10. OK ya’all are making me SO jealous! It’s too cool that you hang together. Almost makes me want to move back to the frozen tundra just to hang with you! Almost.


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