Maybe I should have a trunk, or Davie Jones Locker

I can’t find my trusty flashlight! I was using a back up flashlight to look for my flashlight when I found my hat.

What’s so special about my flashlight? Well, it’s “A work of art, that works” Ok, that’s what the website says.

I got my mag light when I was 16, and I’ve dragged that thing with me ever since. It’s warded off hobos, deer (hey, deer snort and have tb) and the occasional zombie. Did I mention it also works as a flashlight?

Plus I personalized it with a paint marker with my initials and drew flowers on it, and damn it, it’s like a zombie slayers teddy bear. I just need my hat, my flash light and this chair…


4 responses to this post.

  1. Did you ask the pigs? I find that when any flashlight disappears, usually my children have had a hand in it! Good luck on your searches!t


  2. Oh that sucks. A flashlight is what you use to help you find stuff, how ya gonna find your flashlight without a flashlight?


  3. Man o man. It’s just as well you lost it, though – ’cause mine is bigger than yours anyway! heh heh heh


  4. Are you sure you don’t have elves messing with ya? Those darn sneaky elves. Gnomes are bad, too. Is it time to de-gnome the house?


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