I really should just clean my house someday-updated-again!

I lost my Tigers Hat. You know, Detroit Tigers hat. It’s blue, has an orange D on it.

No, there’s not a better photo of me in the hat.

This is very similar to when I lost my planner. But I really don’t have time to destroy, rearrange, then clean the whole house looking for my beloved hat.

Yes, if the damn thing is so beloved, maybe I shouldn’t have lost it in the first place. Well, it sort of smelled bad. It was my summer adventure hat, and at the end of summer, it, like me, was getting a wee bit ripe.

Ah, maybe I’ll go check the garage.


Not a single one of these is the missing hat. They were other missing hats that I found. But they are not the hat I was actually looking for. But I did gather this bit of knowledge, when I find my hat, it will be covered in cat hair.

I found my hat!! It’s not covered in cat hair, it wasn’t destinking in the garage, I had put it lovingly away in the hall closet. It was just shoved too far back for me to see without a flashlight.

Now that brings up another sob story.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Maybe you will get a new summer adventure hat for Mother’s Day. (pigs, if you’re reading this that is what we call a HINT)


  2. Good luck in finding the hat! And if you happen to find any of mine down there while you’re at it… could you keep them aside? Will send postage.


  3. TRINIDAD! Not Tibet. See, I told y’all I would think of where he was from…it came to me while I was cursing construction on my way to pick up the kids. And then I got stuck behind a really freakin’ tall bus (basketball team?) and promptly forgot. But I just this very moment remembered again. Now, you can remind me if I ever get back to the story.


  4. Oh, sorry about your hat. 😦


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