Spinning, Harshly

I don’t know what I do, but people keep doing this to me…

It’s not so much followed by any blanket statement or actual words, but golly, do you have to stare harshly?

(Look at the tiny human on the right-he’s crying because the Ogre is Large and takes Big Steps)

I mean sure, you do have to endure some odd fashion choices from me,

and sadly, my sense of shall we say, uh, style have been passed down to at least one Pig.

Then there is my ability to find ADVENTURE! no matter where we are.

Look! Pig 2 is petting a dog at PetCo. No, really this is Mister, and although he looks like a cat, he is sadly a dog trapped in a cat’s body. We stopped by the pet stop right before we went to the tattoo parlour.

I said he had to wait until he lost his first tooth. I thought it was nice that he went with the skull and snakes rather than “MOM.” I mean, he might get mad at me, but he’ll never stop loving evil skulls and snakes.

Oooh, now check this!!! This also got me a harsh stare. I was wrongfully accused of mail ordering out of state fluff.


I believe that Lora of Another Single Sock, Another Unfinished Project felt bad for my beautiful spindle and it’s lack of use so she sent me a package of fluff filled goodness!

Or she felt bad for the amount of time the spindle spends being dropped on the floor.

Or, she knows of my great love for the color green and appreciation for all things that might be considered “ugly” by people of lesser color appreciation. Yeah, let’s go with that last one. Orange and Green need love too.

Either way, the mighty Lora took pity upon my awful spinning skills and gifted me, among other things, with a large sum of UGLY BATTS!

So, ugly batts, are well, here’s the description from High Prairie Fibers:

made from the bits and splots of leftovers, the waste from the drum carder, odd lots and poor oprhan fibers all blended for unique spinning or felting adventures.approx. 1 lb. $10.00

Do you hear that? Poor orphans! See, Lora helped, I helped, it’s like the circle of life, with less dead antelope.

Wait, I can feel it, another harsh look. I’ll just go ahead and throw it in for you

Wait! That’s not a harsh look! That’s a smile! That’s a “Hey Hosh! Nice style, I liked socks and sandals too! Orange and Green, what’s wrong with that?”

Now Zombie Slayers, do you have questions for me?


OP does not take reservations, so, it’s going to be a full Zombie Prom Date Knitters Pub Take

Don’t worry I’m going to get there a little early, use my Power of Annoying and reserve a table.

for 20.

I full expect to get a double blast of these looks.

So please, show up and bring a friend.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I want to learn to spin! Have fun tonight, drink a toast to your northern zombie slayer!


  2. I want to learn to spin! Have fun tonight, drink a toast to your southern zombie slayer! Well, I don’t know that I have actually slain a zombie, but I have given a few of them some pretty harsh looks. And I don’t really live in the traditional south. So I guess I would be a southernish-stares-at-zombies-with-glaring-disaproval-person.


  3. Anyhoo, have a drink for me too.


  4. Oops. Before you spin the dark, dark roving (that I said was merino) and have a “what the fark?” moment…it’s bamboo. That’s some slippery ship.


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