I’m like a Secret Santa…

Yeah, I’m like a Secret Santa. Well, except I can’t keep a secret, I look funny in red, I don’t wear fur, and I’ve got more of a goatee than a beard…

Maybe the “Gift Fairy”…

Maybe just the “Confuses the Crap out of People and then Disappoints”,

or “Lady who has Questionable Fashion but Tries to Do Nice Things for Other People”…

Yeah, kinda wordy.

How about “Gaudy Gifter”!!

Ok, someone, somewhere might get something from me in the near or distance future, unless I get distracted, get really bad gauge or am told that it’s too ugly of an item to give as a gift.

To the future charity that this item will be thrust upon, I apologize in advance.

Screw that…it’s Knit with Snot! You’ll take it and you’ll like it…


7 responses to this post.

  1. You look like Johnny Depp!!! Pirates of the Caribbean!!! I wish you lived here – I’d take a photo of you in my necktie straitjacket. Very swashbuckling. 🙂


  2. WTF is the pink stuffs in the pot?? It looks totally barfelicious.Oh, by the way, you can quit yer bitchin’, you are in my list now.:-)


  3. I WAS Johhny Depp! Ok, I was a pirate for the day. I wore my ‘stache with pride all day!As for the pink stuff? It was cheesey purple cauliflower soup! If a person was able to get over the “oh, am I being served a bowl of steaming vomit?” it was really, really good. I can cook if I am given time, love and tenderness. Ok, a freaking minute to myself and a crockpot.


  4. Will you share the purple soup recipe with us someday?


  5. You want purple soup recipe?It has A LOT of love in it, as the family would say. Also beer. Plus cheese. Love, beer and cheese. You start with a simple roux, then add, love, beer and cheese. Throw in mystery purple veggie. Let Crock pot do it’s magic…Serve some hours later and have family ask “Tell, is the barf in my bowl?”Answer “Yes, would you like crackers?”


  6. Love, beer and cheese, what more could a girl ask for?


  7. you are sooo funy!Haaaahaaaa!oh my gosh! I love your blog!!!


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