Just what I need…Trouble

Will someone buy this for me?

I keep getting them for everyone else. But the sticker loving, orange and green wearing part of me really can resist for only about 2 more weeks. I want the journal, and I want to wreck it. REAL BAD. Please, save me from myself and buy it for me.

Because this other thing I want to do could get me arrested…

Photo from glittyknittykitty


4 responses to this post.

  1. I bought one of those for myself a week or so ago. I’m hoping it’ll get me out of my book rut. I found it in the knitting section at our B&N in B.C. of all places and took it as a sign. Maybe there’s one in the knitting section at your B&N?


  2. I buy them for other people as gifts all the time. They have them at the Portage Barnes and Noble, but it’s my go to gift book…I’d feel funny buying it for myself!


  3. I hope none of the pages tell you to beat your head against anything.


  4. Probably advisable to get the journal, Holly – I agree. Get the Ogre to buy it for you!


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