T shirts, zombies, Ogres and Socks!

This was the T shirt I tried to order from woot today. But I was too slow and it sold out.

I guess that’s a sign. No more on line shopping for me. I’ll just have to go back to my zombie training.

The wind up! The kick! The landing!!!

The Ogre really packs a wallop of a kick!

Do you see why I don’t knit him socks?


11 responses to this post.

  1. You’re pithy today! 🙂


  2. Sorry, I messed up the post. It’s there now.


  3. Well…Dee and Garland are heading down with the kids to visit next week. I told them to pack all their warm clothes as our high temps will be in the low 80’s while their here. I will have them bottle some sunshine so they can show you what that looks like! 😉


  4. Oh christ. It’s 26 outside. Plus with the sun reflecting on the snow it’s blinding.Besides, Dee’s Brother, I hear your stint in sunny Florida is about over and that’s the reason Dee is going to visit. They need insurance in Alaska too you know…


  5. We are on the clock….could move in a month or a year….just depends on that whole timing thing. But you are correct, my sister is not about to let the opportunity pass for another visit to the sunshine state. Oh yes…I remember that glare of the sun off from snow…kinda like the glare down here as the warm sunlight reflects off the warm gulf waters. 🙂


  6. Gulf waters…you got me with that. But you have sharks. Plus year round zombies.


  7. Remind me to never get into a kick fight with the Ogre.


  8. I wouldn’t be knitting any socks either if I were you…!Too bad about the t-shirt, but lovin’ the zombie kicks!


  9. lol I love how your pics are all taken from this crazy up high/Ogre view, and E’s are from a normal foot height level lovekat


  10. Yes, the Ogre is great and tall!


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