Oh, you think you got weird stuff

When a normal girl has chosen to marry a zombie fighting Ogre a few things must be accepted…

1. Large amounts of laundry

2. Large laundry

3. Large zombie stained laundry

4. Large Pig children

5. Large battle swords being pawned off as “decor”

6. Large battle swords being pawned off as “decor”

But I get it. If there’s ever a zombie invasion, and I happen to be in the bathroom during the whole initial invasion and I’m taken by surprise when the zombies come up my stairs and invade my bedroom, I’ve at least got a chance…some stomach bug right?

Oh my! The horrible zombie horde!

Dropping zombie parts near my stash yarn in my fairy princess bedroom????


More zombie related fun at brouhahaknits today!!! Zombie Prom Date Knitter-Toronto President has an update!!

5 responses to this post.

  1. Have you seen “I am Legend” yet? I don’t know if those are officially zombies (I shielded my eyes with a book and plugged my ears for most of the movie!) but it sure sounds like they are. Will Smith’s got nothing on you!


  2. Now I want huge battle swords to be part of my decor. Oh, wait, I always did. Hm. I wonder how I can talk Hubby into that one . . .


  3. heh heh heh… large laundry. You’re a better woman than me, Holly, I must say. Oh – and I simply can’t believe that your mailing labels say Ogre, Holly and Pigs on them. You slay me, woman. We should get the Yarn Harlot to write about the TO Chapter of the ZPDK. You’d be famous!


  4. Yeah, I don’t think the Yarn Harlot knows about the Zombie Prom Date Knitters. I mean she should, but I don’t think she does!Yes, the mailing labels are a bit over the top, but I couldn’t resist.


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