St Patrick’s Day…No More Meat! Plus Knitting!

I’m done. The meat, the booze, the women. St Patrick’s Day was just too much for me. I mean really, St. Patrick did a bang up job of starting that whole religious mess over in Ireland, but do I have to eat beef and drink beer on or about his day?

Keep the beer away!!

Sorry Ogre, that was the best darn dinner I’ve ever over eaten, but the veggie wagons are circling and I’m jumping back on. That is if there isn’t too much junk in my trunk for me to hoist myself back into the seat.

Pigs in green

It always happens too. Vegetarian Times circulation department goes

person 1 “when should our magazine arrive?”

person 2 “well, when will those pseudo vegetarians be the weakest?”


I think all that green yesterday went to my head.

Oh, I didn’t show you the Threadbear swag? I got the Malabrigo (check this link-the colors will make you swoon!) to make the Foliage hat from knitty. Yes, just like the freaking store model.

But I look good in orange. Or, at least I think so. The green? The Ogre thinks it’s orange too, he’s color blind, don’t tell him.
I got enough yarn for a summer hat and a fall hat!


5 responses to this post.

  1. both the green and the orange rawk. Ogre doesn’t know what he’s missing… 🙂


  2. Is it wrong to covet that orange yarn? Oh well. That pattern is very cute, can’t wait to see the finished product. Kristina – I totally take you up on your invitation, the Yarn Harlot LYS tour? I can think of nothing more divine!


  3. I have started cross border yarn shopping evil!!!I’m in too! If I sell some gold jewelery…


  4. OK – yarn harlot yarn tour… next year. Hopefully it coincides with the meeting of the Drunken Knitters stitch and bitch…


  5. I made Foliage for my sister’s birthday. It is a fun pattern and it ended up being such a pretty hat that she almost didn’t get it. I wanted to keep it for myself and buy her a gift card for Bath and Bodyworks or something.Gotta get me some of that green Malabrigo.


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