I’ve got a problem. No, it’s not knitting, or shoes.

It’s a problem, yes, a big one.

I like the Ogre, and the Tye Dye Super Pig, it’s actually the Big Blue thing in the background.

We turn lights off, we recycle, but it just doesn’t make up for Big Blue. Here’s how my non gauge swatching knitting helps in an equation worked out in a little something I like to call Holly Math.

No gauge swatch + really nice yarn =beautiful completed project in wrong size/ crappy gas mileage+ global warming = liberal guilt

How do ye counteract Liberal Guilt? Donate to Charity, and wear the Ogre down until he trades in Big Blue.

As you’ve seen, Phase 1 is in consistent effect. Phase 2 has been started! A big shout out to Consumer Reports. I’d like to thank them, along with Honda, Toyota, and Subaru.

Little Blue, come home to Mama

As for the Mazda5, as long as you only have a family of 4, it checks in Most Overlooked as a good reliable, roomy car. If you’ve got a family of 5, try to drive without one of your family members, or none of your belongings.

Actually, it’s great around town, and gets AWESOME gas mileage. Did I say AWESOME? Looking at other cars gas mileage, I was embaressed again for owning Big Blue, and proud of my little Betty. I’ve managed to pull 31 mpg out of a tank of gas on that brute. That’s right, I don’t warm it up for the kids, I don’t stop at McDonald’s drive thrus, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave it running unless I am actively driving it. No, I don’t stop it at stop lights, that’s dangerous. But you get my drift.

Here’s my best miles per gallon option…

Now just remember, SAME ROAD, SAME RIGHTS! Try not to hit me when you see my fat arse pedaling along the side of the road. I’m probaly heading toward the nearest coffee shop if you want to knit and hang out. It may be your best chance to hang out with me and observe me in a non speaking state.

Money for bike trails! Fight the Man! Free Tibet! Higher Gas Mileage! Go Solar! I’m done.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Holly: here’s your solution! It even has three compartments for the Pigs!.


  2. I LOVE it!!!


  3. Hmm. Big enough for the Ogre, but also big enough for the kids to fit in. Hmmm. That’s a toughie.


  4. No, it’s not a toughie! Give me a shoe horn and a bottle of olive oil. Toyota Camry wins!


  5. I liked the Camry too, but as a mother of three let me warn you, pigs grow. Probably especially with a dad the size of the ogre. So if you are keeping the Camry long term, you might want to fit that into you considerations. I have a Malibu, and now I wish I had the (gasp) mini-van – a flex fuel one of course.


  6. Oh, the Camry would be for the Ogre to go to work in, not for the family.I used to have a mini van…I wore it out!


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