Pig 1 had an Adventure!!!

I have to say that whole not showering until the Charity Knitting was completed really bit me in the ass. There was a bit of an “incident” at Casa de Ogre that required a visit to the Emergency Room.

Yeah. The Pigs were giving the new Pergo style floor in the basement a test run, and well, it works! The old saying “if you jump over that baseboard, you’ll crack your head open,” is true! Pig 1 had to get super glued!! How super cool is that!

Now Pig 1 will have a scar on his chin just like Harrison Ford! Ok, it’s lower than Han Solo’s, but still.

Golly! I wonder what other horrible things are true!

Do kittens really grow up to be cats? Pippin…here kitty, kitty, kitty. Damn.

So how is Pig 1 doing now? He was pretty much back to normal. Look, he’s reading, he must be fine.

As for Charity Knitting…ka-Pow!!! Briar Rose Charity Knit Squares for the Hope Lodge...Done!

Whaaaa-Pa!!!! That’s what I say when I am kicking zombie ass and knitting against cancer. Yeah, it doesn’t sound very scary, but really, does ka-Pow?

But if you saw me coming at you yelling Whaaaa-Pa!!!!

swinging knitting needles, (knitting needles with a cancer cape still attached to them)

wearing zombie stompers, covered in Pig Snot, and the occasional Pig chin carnage, you might think twice.

Or at least laugh yourself into the fetal position which I would take as the sign to kick you while you were down. Really, I fight dirty. With a catch phrase like Whaaaa-Pa!!!! it’s all I got.

By the way, did you know March 8th was Women’s Day? I didn’t!!

Under paid! Over looked! Screwed again!
Fight the man!

Sounds like it’s picket time! By the way, I made that one up. I think I need me a Cafe Press shop! Uh-huh.

PS I did finally shower.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Och aye, puir wee Pig 1! That was JJs comment… he’ll be OK. I thought I had left a comment rattling on about my similar misadventures… and now I’m a lawyer making enough to keep me in Handmaiden at least šŸ™‚ sorry for the trauma to Pig 1 and mom… but all seem to be doing OK.


  2. Oh – and I put some vogs on my blog day before last!


  3. Poor little pig, hope he is feeling better.


  4. Well, you know they’re growing up when they get their first real scar, I guess. :)Good for you for thinking of the bed jacket! That’s a perfect place for it! Oh, and I’ll need you to take my cancer cape this weekend, so I’ll bring it on Thursday.


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