In search of food

So normally I like to support my local scene when I can’t do something myself. You know, I always give love to my local brew pub! That also maybe my excuse for my crap cooking, “oh, but we are keeping all the local restaurants in business.”

Sometimes though, when I forget to eat crazy things happen. Really, this all comes around. Like yesterday on my way to go support my locally owned food making place, my unfed brain got distracted. Yes, all the pretty balloons and shiny cars at a local car dealership hypnotized me right into the parking lot. Soon I was being led by the hand right into this super deluxe, plus full size, flex fuel, same gas mileage, more air bags, safer for my family, nerdy as all get out MINI VAN!!!

I almost cried when the dealership guy said “you have to give us money to keep it, get your grody ass carseats out of the ride.”

I could keep like 4 dead zombies in the space behind the 3rd row seats. Ugh. The Ogre said he likes my Mazda5. I said he doesn’t drive it in the snow and it’s too low to clear a dead squirrel.

His comment was “it’s fine in the snow when I drive.” I would like to note-the Ogre is at least double my weight.

I have considered strapping a 50 pound box of cookies in the passenger seat. You know, for extra weight and emergency survival food.

So, again, on my way in search of food…

I needed to get bread at Great Harvest on Shaver. But first I was going to get lunch at the Chinese/Thai place next door…until I saw the giant SANDWICH sign painted on the front of Great Harvest. It was like a miracle! Great Harvest put an actual sign up to trick my brain.

Now, they are sort of a chain, but they are locally owned. Plus, they are super awesome and cool people and Elizabeth noticed that I had lost weight. Now that is the kind of place I can support. Yeah.

So, the sandwich was on the awesome Great Harvest bread the veggies were fresh, and the cheese was the good greasy deli style. It was awesome! Steer clear of the avocado, it’s the only thing that’s not fresh. But some people like that, and there probably aren’t enough people ordering it to have a fresh one being wasted. Are there still people here that don’t eat avocado? I don’t know, should I take a poll?

Knitting? Square 2 is complete! Knitting on square 3 will start tonight! That’s over the hump on hump day my friends.

Ok, the Pigs are watching a Pokemon movie and there is a character named Lickey-Lickey. I keep hearing questionabley dirty names. Or I am a perv.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Lickey lickey?? I don’t think it’s just your dirty mind. My, how the cartoon world has changed from when I was a wee lass… If the mini van is too nerdy, consider buying a Lotus. I saw my dream one while in the UK – only L 500,000 (CDN $1,100,000 approx). Threaten the Ogre with this and maybe he’ll settle for a new American car of some description… I agree with the principle of emergency food. In this regard, I keep chips and sesame snaps stashed everywhere – office, home, balcony, regular pub…


  2. I’d eat avocados by the dozen if I could!


  3. Yeah! The Lotus is tres chic! I think Daniel Craig and I would look smashing in that! We’d eat avocados while driving all the way to our Swiss bank account and then roll around in guns, chocolate, money and yarn in our private castle!


  4. I luuurve avocadoes, but my kids don’t. I tend not to get them or I’d eat the whole thing. Eep!Which minivan was it? Just curious. I can understand, though. You know what we need? Hybrid, high gas mileage minivans that seat 8. With storage under the seats. Heated seats, too, for the cold.


  5. And if you hook up with Daniel Craig, Holly, I’m sure he can well afford to buy you one! You could get a sidecar and drive him around in it! The possibilities are endless…


  6. Lickey Lickey…seriously? It seems that I am the only one here, but I would rather take a whoopin’ than eat an avocado.Good luck to you, I hope you get your new car.


  7. Don’t click on that last commenter’s link! I was an idiot and did, and it turned out to be a nasty malware virus thing. Nasty. I’m in the process of cleaning my hard drive now.


  8. Sorry Carina!!! I deleted it!!! When in doubt, don’t link out!!!


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