After all that…it still comes down to being Good Deeds

Sometimes bad unexpected things happen. You know, like people needing new kidneys and not being a match, or cancer or just voodoo health in general. I’m not even talking about struck by lightening, or crap luck crossing the road.

So, what’s a girl to do?
Find someone to take you to the nearest Brew Pub

I sought out Mono Loco. I tried to kick down her door in my fit of tears. Turns out, that turn of the century giant Pink house is built sturdy. John Cougar would be proud.

I found peace in Arcadia. Funny, huh?

So, 9 samplers of beer, pizza with spicy beans, jalapeños, and ranch dipping sauce. That pizza reminded me I was alive!

Then I felt bad again for friends. So I’m thinking about bringing over a bottle of wine and some ice cream from Bella Creamery, to help them through their pain.

Then I thought “CRAP!!! What would Kris Carr think about all this non organic crappy food I’m throwing around all willy nilly?”

I figured she’d be cool with it, because she’s cool.

But still I worked on my Cancer Cape…the one inspired by this one…

and came up with a plan…

Good Deeds to Counteract being Foolish

Pilates Yoga fusion class to help flush out my evil toxins! Ok, I really wanted a regular Yoga class because I freaking hate Pilates (because it’s evil) but beer drinking, food pushing whiners, can’t be complainers when it comes to counteracting being foolish.

Blood Donation
Wednesday March 5 at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo 10:15-4:00

Donate to Willard Library.

Sarah, Jennifer, Karen and Families, I love you!


8 responses to this post.

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry. That’s awful. Cancer sucks. Just pretend I’m giving you hugs and everyone around hugs, too. Casseroles later?


  2. Holly: sigh. So sorry about you and your friends… sending good canadian snow-mad vibes. Plus, love the shawl!


  3. Ya know, sometimes the only thing we can do is just be a friend. That doesn’t seem like much to us, but to the person that needs a friend, it means more than you know.


  4. Thanks for the big love! I will send all the big love on to Sarah and her family 🙂


  5. YAY for Arcadia! YAY for Willard Library!


  6. Sometimes it all just sucks, huh? We do what we do.You coulda called me, I’d even have opened the door if you knocked. I don’t open the door for nobody.


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