Knittin’ in the Mitten for the Briar Rose Charity!

Briar Rose Charity for the Hope Lodge Update!!

So, talented knitter that I am… Wait, knitter who talks possibly more than knits and got invited to knit with talented knitters and designers, is now feeling a bit, uh, plain.

Check out this Square for Briar Rose Charity Knit for the Hope Lodge

This was done by the talented Knitasha

It’s so fancy and cabley and put me right in my place.

The following blue squares are my squares…

I felt that I really had to step up my knitting…so I went out and picked out buttons for my squares. Yes, buttons, that’s my high fashion design element.

Look a heart, to cheer you, plus buttons, for Bling!

This looks plain, but it’s going to have a pocket for sass, and a button for that certain BLING!

This thing is going to be gorgeous, with lot’s of love, and BLING, and sassy cables. Go, now.
Click to support the BLING Knitter!

You will also be entered into the raffle for the afghan that is being made out of the squares!
All fiberholics who donate through my site will also be entered into a drawing for a skein of
Briar Rose Fiber from my personal stash!
(My stash is glorious!)


5 responses to this post.

  1. you are the most bling babe I know… great buttons!


  2. Your blingalicious squares can hold their own against any square anyone else could knit. Anyone that says any different is just a big ol’ hater.


  3. Thanks for the love! I’m feeling better about my skillz!


  4. Done! It’s not much, since it’s tight right now, but it’s what I knew we could give.Thanks for doing so much to fight cancer. Cancer sucks.


  5. Good work Carina!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!So far, you are winning the skein of Briar Rose Yarn!!!


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