Oh, we did up the town, and it killed me

Thursday we got our Spin, Knit, and Drink on…

Shelly, the Next Jane Goodall, will be giving talks, and possibly autographs at the next knitting event.

Spinsanity was actually spinning Dumbledore’s beard. Chick can spin anything into yarn.

John, came back for more torture. Look at those cables. He’s a wicked good knitter.

Me, I missed out on the Zombie Prom Date Knitters 2nd Wednesday Evening Beer Fest Outing …and I had to make up for it.

Hey Shannon! It was quiet at Olde Peninsula, and the waiter was super cute. Huh, maybe we should try OP.

For Teetotalers, they even serve tea. Oh, and home brew rootbeer.

What next? The Kalamazoo Public Library Friends of Book Sale. That’s right, cheap books for kids who read a book an hour. Uh-huh. I also scored some crazy 70’s craft books, but Marty had to take them…Pig 3 and I walked. Turns out $11.66 buys about 40 pounds of books.

So, fun things to do in Kalamazoo with a 3 year old?

1. Walk around Kalamazoo, always fun.
2. Watch people climb the climbing wall. It’s free to gawk.
3. Olde Peninsula-great appetizers, home brew rootbeer, cool giant beer tanks. Ooooh, shiney.
4. Gazelle Sports-They have a coloring table, and Frisbees. Pricey Frisbees for Frisbee Golf, but kids think they are awesome.
5. Friends of Library Book Store-Also has a coloring table! Plus CHEAP books!!!

What else to do after so much fun? Ah, heck, we stopped at Stitching Memories in Portage!!

Tofutsies? That’s right friends, Stitching Memories has a whole shelf of Tofutsies. Not just the pink, and blue, but a bunch of different crazy colors. What crazy color did I end up with? Wait, aren’t I on a yarn diet…uh, I uh, only got one skein. It’s pink and orange (#798).

They’re also having a drawing for a getting to know you skein and pattern kit. Sweet!

What else did I spy? Hemp for Knitting!!!!

You know I love it, now I don’t have to pay shipping. It’s nice to see the colors all big and in person. Yeah, yeah, color cards, I have them, but it’s nice to see whole skeins. Plus, the no shipping thing-Rocker!

What other trouble did I get myself into? This is from the Hanne Falkeberg trunk show.

$260 sweater kit?!? It was very tempting. It was an awesome sweater. Check out Stitching Memories, they can order you a kit through Feb 29th. I think there’s a deal too. Call for details.

After all that fun, Pig 3 and I decided to go home.

What’s this? A package? For me?

A late Valentine? A still beating heart…

Oh, it’s just a pretty hat…I’ll put it on…

Oh CRAP!!! It’s the dreaded Binary Cable Hat from Hat Attack!

I’m dead.


10 responses to this post.

  1. OH! They let you try on the sample sweater???? There was this Jaeger sweater there hanging from the ceiling that I fell in love with. Thank god they didn’t have all the yarn in stock that I would have needed or I’m sure I’d have ended up with a $140 sweater (and that’s with the yarn being on sale!) and probably a divorce too. Maybe I need to ask if I can try it on next time I’m there. Or maybe that’s a bad idea…


  2. You wear the hat well, Holly… sorry that you’re dead, though. Sigh. How can you drink and knit?? You really need to write a book, you know.


  3. How can I drink in knit? I don’t know how I manage to knit and not drink! It keeps me from seeing my mistakes…Kathryn! They WANT you to try on the samples! That way you fall in love with them and get tricked into buying all the yarn to make one yourself. It’s true, try one on next time…if you dare!


  4. I’ve often thought that I need one of those baseball caps that holds 2 cans of beer so that I can really knit and drink at the same time more effectively. You could probably make one with a sheep on it and add some compartments for stitch markers and patent it and make a million dollars!


  5. Holly, I am a little concerned about what has happened to you. You were killed by the hat and yet you are still walking around. Dead…walking…dead….walking dead. Have you become one of them?


  6. Fun things to do with a three year old? Also works with bored 21 year old college students. Isn’t it nice you can just keep taking him to the same places for the next 20 years?


  7. Knit and fall back in it-Turns out, I’m not dead! I mean, I did receive a killer hat named Jeeves in the mail, but my body is resistant to all knitting attacks due to the high amount of Olde Peninsula brew in my body.Yes, beer fights off knitting death! I must have just passed out…


  8. Oh. whew. You really dodged a bullet this time, didn’t you? I am glad that you have not been transformed into a zombie.


  9. Oh, chickie, that sweater is sooooo you! And I think OP looks like it needs some ZPDK, oh yes it does.Kristina, I dunno about the kitting but the more she drinks, the better she spins. It boggles the mind.


  10. Yeah, the spinning ability was frightening! The amount of wine it took was also…That sweater is my new fav!!! Jackie and the Ogre’s dad got it for me! I suspect Jackie had more to do with it than the Ogre’s dad.


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