Tye Die Hat…of DOOM!

Here’s poor Kristin, I killed her.

It’s too bad too. She knits like a fiend, and seems super cool! Hey Kristinknits, I hear tell she likes the Sox too…

No, this photo never gets old in my book. 20 years from now you say Red Sox, or Boston, or heck East, and I will whip out this picture. Whoohoo!!!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Vale Kristin! You look great in your Red Sox shirt. What a fab photo. I had one of myself like that taken a long time ago, but the camera somehow broke 😉


  2. Poor Kristin, may she rest in peace. Holly…killing people with hats…must you?


  3. Love the BoSox!!!!!!I can’t believe you killed Kristin. I mean, she even spells her name right. That’s not cool!


  4. Oh – by the way … check out the Cyrus bread on my bloggy.


  5. I love that picture! Have you seen the one where Kristin grabbed Matt’s sister’s butt? Or was that the other way around? That one is funny too!


  6. Yes, I must kill with my knitting! Next I will try to end cancer with knitting, and then end war…


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