Zombies, Snow, Shazam! Picket for the Writers!

It was Zombie Prom Date Knitters at Water Street yesterday!

It’s been a little slow on the zombie front, what with all the snow.

What?! You have no snow and you’re still lousy with zombies? You hardly have time to knit or practice your moves because of all the zombie slaying you have to do? Geesh! There you were wondering why all the best knit designers/zombie slayers live in the North…inspiration and good survival instincts. Check what Brouhaha has been up…she’s got SNOW MADNESS so bad she’s offering up a sassy scarf pattern called Shazam!

I am also pretty sure it will give you sassy powers to fight evil…also fight cold, snow, bad fashion, and the damn evil zombie horde!!!

I’ve been using my zombie fighting down time to write a new knitting/cop movie. I plan on pitching it in a Richard Roundtree meets Goldie Hawn sort of Foul PlayShaft kind of way.

Here’s the Theme Song for Knit-a-Rama Fight Club:

Who is the Girl
Carries her Chococat Bag
All over Town?

Mono Loco

Can you Dig It?

Looks innocent & Sweet
had an insect living in her head


Mono Loco

Carries Chococat to hid her Shiv
Mono Loco?

Damn Straight

Then I realized the writers strike was still going on. So the Pigs and I decided we’d get our picket signs out. I remembered it snowed like 6 inches last night.

I think the Writers will know I support them without me actually going out into the snow. But if they choose to come here, to Kalamazoo and picket, I will be with them! In my snow suit, and my sweater, and my sweaters’ sweater.




Hell, Free Tibet while you’re at it.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the snow madness scarf credit, Holly!I’ll join you in the picket lines if this $)*#*$(@#$*)@#( snow lets up. I’m sick and tired of watching Food Network and BBC Canada reruns.


  2. It was supposed to snow over here, like 6-12 inches. It looks like 3 inches, MAYBE and they literally closed every school in the tri-county area. Eastsiders are wusses, man!


  3. Oh wait, Holly – is my bag o’ goo supposed to look like it’s going to explode? Is that normal? Or is something wrong?


  4. Tracyb! Your goo is doing what it is supposed to! Just plug your nose and release the stench! Don’t breathe it in, or you may become a zombie yourself!


  5. Bwahahahahahahahahah!!!!Uh oh — I think that I just pulled something, I was laughing so hard!! (and I think that I peed a little!)Bernie the bot fly just applauded with his breathing tube too!!


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