The Pigs had their Own Adventure

Pig 3 bootlegged some scissors upstairs and Pig 1 played salon owner and Pig 2 was the Demon Barber of Casa de Ogre…

Sadly, he was cutting his own hair.


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  1. oops. How do you fix that? I am grateful that none of mine ever took scissors to their own hair, although you will always have that picture which is priceless!


  2. ahhh it’ll grow out! I was queen of cutting my own hair. 🙂 I remember being in school, the teacher left the room, and I said, “Who dares me to cut my own hair?!” yah, pretty much everybody did. And then I had bangs for a minute. Oh well. :)Love you guys!Kathy


  3. Das Ogre was not happy! I put gum in my hair because I wanted to have a Wonder Woman head band…it had to be cut out, so I had a very similar hair cut.The Ogre says he has never had a self inflicted hair cut.


  4. Hair is a great thing – it will grow back. I cut most of my own hair off one time when blind drunk – and didn’t have the excuse of the Piggies’ junior age. Sigh. And now I can’t get the Rabbit of Seville out of my head… sigh.


  5. I’m even more excited to see the pigs this weekend! I’ll bring along my scissors!


  6. OMG – I cannot wait to see that in person. That picture ROCKS!I won’t laugh in his face – I promise. But I may laugh behind his back. I am a totally mean 2nd cousin-in-law! Or is it cousin-in-law once removed? I can never remember how that all works!


  7. That picture is SO funny! All the fury of a HalfOgre/Zombie Killer mixed together into one glare!Love,Dad


  8. And that’s how Stephen got a buzz cut last year in the fall. He did the freakin’ same thing.


  9. I gave the bangs a bit of angle to them, and we tousled up the hair in the back, and he is sooo Flock of Seagulls now. It’s very 80’s now.We’re letting it ride. I think it’s a character builder. Plus, I think he’ll pick up all the future Goth chicks this way.


  10. That. Face. Is. Priceless. It gets pride of place as my wallpaper O the day. It sends me into a giggle fit everytime I look at it! Much better than Prozac!


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