On Ravelry? Vote the Bobbys!!

Ok friends!!! It is time, I don’t ask for much, just friendship, fame and fortune. Today I am asking for your friendship to help bring me fame and fortune. It’s weak, I know, but can you help me out?

Are you on that sweet, sweet, crafty site Ravelry? If you are, go, go there now!

Vote the Bobby’s!!

Both 1000MonkeysKnit and KnitwithSnotforYou are up for

Most Original User Name Award!

Wait!!! There’s more!! KristinaB. of Brouhaha fame has also been nominated!!!
Most Colourful Project !!!
Yes, yes, it’s an honor just to be nominated (thanks KristinaB!!! for mine) but don’t make us look like unloved freaking losers, please give use some votes! Go, help. Begging, it hurts. Don’t make me get stressed and burn dinner again…

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Holly – what about me!! I’ve been nominated for Most Colourful Project for my Curve of Pursuit.(sitting in corner, sulking and snivelling). Good luck, Holly!


  2. I should have known you’d be in for most colourful!!! Sorry for the oversight friend!! My brain is a bit fried from the…wait for it…SNOW MADNESS.(my excuse in the summer is SNOT MADNESS)


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