The Tulip, Mine, is Done

So I finally got my Tulip done!

Ok, I got the knitting on my Dream in Colors Tulip Baby Sweater done. See I went ahead and said the whole official name, because that’s sort of how the knitting of the sweater is…all short and cute like “Tulip!” But in reality it’s actually Dream in Colors Tulip Baby Cardigan. You aren’t picking up what I’m putting down?

I will put it out there with photos for you…


Dream in Colors Tulip Baby Cardigan….

Look at all those ruddy awful ends I still have to sew in! Eeek, bleeech, barf! Curse you beautiful yarn, curse you Yarn Harlot, curse you “everyone else is doing it I want to see what the big freaking deal is!”

Next time, three big stripes. Next time, not a baby cardi. The baby is going to outgrow this beauty in like, uh, a month. So, I’ve been thinking…I put a lot of tim e into this Cardi, ok, ok, I put a lot of procrastination into this cardi and I’ve kind of fallen in love with it.

Oh, I’ll give it to the intended baby…but when the baby has out grown it, I want it back! I’ve got plans for it. After all the end weaving in, I figure “we’ve spent time.” (Bodhi-Point Break, you didn’t get that?”

So, I figure, the cat’s been hanging out under the lamp a lot, he’s cold. Cat sweater!

Turns out there’s a reason there aren’t many books loaded with cat sweaters.

Shoulder warmer? Something for me? Perhaps, perhaps, something to keep me warm…

Right! I live in Michigan, I could always use a new HAT!!!

Oooh, and it’s very sassy!


3 responses to this post.

  1. A very sassy and fabulous hat indeed! Don’t give it to the baby.It’s beeYOUteeful!!!Love the colours, of course.


  2. It’s lovely! I’m so glad you liked doing it. It’s quite the addictive little thing. Definitely ask for it back–that’s a grandbaby sweater! Great-grandbaby sweater! Never leaving the family kind of sweater! 🙂


  3. Tres, tres sassy!!You are so wearing that to ZPDK on Thursday!!


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