Snow Madness Attacks the US-At least it’s not Zombies…

You laughed at my SNOW MADNESS, you thought it was funny, and now, the whole ruddy country is getting a taste of it…

Sucks to be you -34!

We’re practically dancing in our skivvies at the warm, warm temp of -15! Look, no jacket! Just a hat and a sweater! It’s SNOW MADNESS!!!


How are you getting through to the thaw? Most zombies seem to be frozen to whatever hit them last, so here’s what Casa de Ogre has been up to:

Einstein stopped by to encourage me to cook…he loves Spinach Feta Risotto from the Moosewood Cook Book. He even helped when I had cooking questions…

“Alby, what the hell’s a sauce pan?”

“It’s das one you burn da mac n’ cheez in.”

Poisoning the Ogre…

Venturing out to enjoy winter sports.

“Hey Steve! You like Timmy’s eh? Could you go for some Tim Bits and White Castle with your hockey? Sorry friend, there’s none for over 100 miles…”

“Dang it! What are you guys doing after the game?”

“We’re going home to watch Casino Royale”

That’s when we hear Jen say “Did someone say Daniel Craig?”

Venturing back home.

Watching the white out, and trying to keep the dog from committing dogicide.

Knitting sweaters for my sweaters. Heck, my sweaters are cold.

So, put on an extra layer, throw another log on the fire, or chuck a spare zombie leg into the pellet stove and I’ll see you when this front passes…and I hope you survive your case of


9 responses to this post.

  1. Dogicide and sweaters for your sweaters.Sheesh you are funny! You’d make a fortune if you could bottle ‘you’.April


  2. Sounds like you had more fun than I in combatting the SNOW MADNESS. I did however knit a sweater, a blanket, and two scarves. Kidding. I agree with April that you should be bottled 😉


  3. Oooh, bottled snot!!! De-lish!


  4. No, really, thanks for the love!!You all are the greatest :)Great big frozen hugs of multi layered sweaters!!!


  5. Oh – by the way, Holly, it’s me who is fric and frac who posted before. Don’t know how THAT happened!Today, I have three scarves on – I am ashamed that it is not two sweaters but there you go. Right now here it is “-12 (10F) feels like -22 (-8F)”. I really don’t need the “feels like” bit. When walking from my apartment to the bus stop (approx 3 minutes) I dribbled a bit of Diet Coke on myself. By the time I got to the bus stop, I noticed that the drips had FROZEN. I’m serious. I feel like I’m living in some urban Jack London book from hell. COLD MADNESS!!!!


  6. Snow madness made us drive up to Ludington to be closer to the snow, I guess. Driving through whiteout, watching all sorts of accidents get cleaned up, and bundling up in a vacation rental. Good times. 🙂 Maybe there’s something to this snow madness theory . . .


  7. Carina, I think you deserve some sort of SNOW MADNESS award. That was above and beyond!!!Oooh, I have a reward in mind…Frozen Soy Treats!!!!That or Spotted Dick in a can!


  8. Frozen soy treats? Yum!Yeah, about halfway up to Ludington on Saturday, I asked David if we were totally insane to be on the road. He said it was no problem and kept driving. When we got to Ludington, we could just see the lighthouse at the end of the jetty but not much on the other side. It was snowing and blowing that bad. We sure had fun, though. 🙂


  9. I go back to my Alpine Peaks restaurant i feel i was very far from this tensionless world


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