What SNOW MADNESS does to Good People

On some blogs the comments are all “snow is so pretty!” and “thanks for the snow photos!”

I was all sad, and I was like, I’ve got no snow love comments here. Then I thought, “oh, that’s because I got SNOW MADNESS in November and I have been ignoring the snow.”

What are symptoms of SNOW MADNESS?

Well, I made a list and went to the store. I went out and bought everything on my list. Exactly everything on my list. Here is a photo of what was on my list.

I like to call them “Blizzard Supplies” you may call them a side effect of SNOW MADNESS.

Copy of SNOW MADNESS List?

1. Fruit bowl-bamboo
2. Hob Nobs-chocolate 2x
3. McVities Plain biscuits-for in the car in case of snowbound crash
4. Check for Holiday Ducks on Sale
5. Vermouth-Straight Vodka does not a Martini make-ask nice wine guy
6. Ask for blue cheese stuffed olives too

What are other symptoms of SNOW MADNESS?

I’ve got a tow truck on my cell’s favorites (not those those criminals in the Creek.)

I’ve got 12 pairs of mittens, plus I keep and wear all my non matching ones.

I own an uncounted number of scarves. If you gave me a scarf I would keep it, because Hell may, will and does freeze over and I might need it.

We use the movie The Day after Tomorrow as a bedtime story for the Pigs.

I’ve also got a photo of Mr. Bond in my laundry room to remind me that we don’t live in a freaking snow globe and there is an outside world. Plus, he’s dead sexy. (For more photos, go to the 49th Dimension-if you dare)

Now, Kristina up in Toronto doesn’t have SNOW MADNESS, she’s tough, she’s Canadian, she copes, she has Survival Tips.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Oh man – such a collage!!! Love the McVities… and of course the last photo. Did you overhear Barb and I last night at the bar when swooning over Daniel Craig??You’ve got a lot more snow than us. heh heh heh


  2. My hands are frozen, it’s so ruddy cold here…it’s like -12


  3. I didn’t see the text on this post the first time around for some reason!! Clever, as always – and thanks for the referral. You are an evil person, you know. I’ve put up a post on the 49th to “reimburse” you for making me dwell on Daniel Craig and not do any work. If I get fired, it’s YOUR fault.


  4. I don’t have a snow madness survival kit. Hmm. Maybe I should have one. Does getting more blankets than any of us could ever possibly need count? It’s an illness. I keep getting blankets, like we’ll run out or something.


  5. OMG! We may as well change the name of the 49th Dimension to “We are big knitting dorks who get nothing done but watch a lot of Casino Royale and have NO idea what it’s about, but it’s pretty.”Or just “Shelly was right Daniel Craig is caged heat.” I don’t know if she ever said that, but it has a certain ring to it. Uh, I gotta go to the 49th and look at some smut…


  6. Hope you enjoyed your smut perusal. I endorse a change to the name of the 49th dimension. How about “big chip-eating, british chocolate scarfing knitting dorks who would like to keep Daniel Craig in a cage as their plaything”?


  7. Carina (initially I typed “czarina”! Ever think of a name change? [smile]), one can never have too many blankets. Definetely called for in any Snow Survival Policy, I should think!


  8. Czarina’s funny considering Russian’s one of my minors and I studied there for a semester in college. :)See, Daniel Craig is fine, but Alan Rickman is hot–check the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7A_bJFZNXEI need to learn to tango.


  9. I could hit me some Alan Rickman.Already going to hell, might as well knit me a man hand basket…


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