Ogre, Friend, Foe, or Fiend?

The whirlwind pit of doom known as the basement is making tempers run high at Casa de Ogre. We have, ok I am bad at math, but less than a week until work starts and there is still cat pee, a portal to alternate dimensions, and possibly the parts to transform a 80’s diesel vehicle into a french fry oil burning car of the future.
We’re working away when the Ogre says “look at all these Dangerous Chemicals that we never use, I am going to dump them into the landfill.”
I took the bag of papers that I was getting ready to recycle and threw them at his Castle Grey Skull and took off crying.
Why? Why you ask? Why did I cry? Because I love the environment!
1. Recycling, changing our garbage company because they didn’t offer frequent enough recycling pick up, (remeber CHANGE to Ogres is very frightening).
2. Keeping our programable thermastat at the “just above pipes freezing” setting, while at home even. Just to do my part.
3. Pestering the local grocery store so much about wanting a ring your own/bag your own lane that they actually put them in. Not one lane, but like three.

4. Spreading the word about how Plastic Bags Blow to Sarah who already knew this but wanted some bags. She then told some students about reusablebags.com and they are doing Environmental Good at their local High School.
So when the Ogre said dangerous chemicals+landfill all I saw were 1 million baby seals deformed by pollution cancer, choking on 6 pack soda plastic, then being clubbed to death by Humvee driving, fur coat wearing, unrecylcing women who wear too much make up that was tested on bunnies. So basically Cruella De Ville.

Oh, no my friends, it doesn’t stop there. Then I went into the bathroom to cry about the state of the world and the melting polar ice cap and the dead seals. The bathroom the Pigs use. The one with the Piss-o-meter behind the toilet to measure how much piss in a week actually does get on the floor. The bathroom that the dog now sleeps in because he is so old and grumpy he has taken to eating anything that gets near his mouth.
While in this pee/dog/ stench room I conclusion…The Ogre, who drives a gas guzzling Dodge Durango, likes the air conditioning to be on all summer, wants to be the heat up all the way to 68 in the winter and, and, can’t remember that our area recycles plastics 1,2, and 5, must be a…Republican.
When I went back down to the pit of doom and said we had to get a divorce because he was a Republican and I could not remained married to him his response was “I also want carpet in the basement, I don’t think the toxic fumes would do any damage to the Pigs.”
He realized I was upset. Then made me a gourmet bowl of oatmeal. Actually, any food that isn’t made by me, which translates to “not burned” is pretty much gourmet.
Knitting front….
I taught someone how to knit yesterday! Photos and maybe even video to follow! Oooh, the evil camera does video. Better watch your back Shannon BC!
Haha! I taught knitting at Scrapbooking 🙂
Also, if anyone needs some scrapbooking supplies, I got me a dealer…

7 responses to this post.

  1. It’s ok Holly, I’m married to a Republican too. Look at it this way, we cancel out their votes. And in my own, quiet (read sneaky) way, I am slowly but surely bringing him over to our side. I’m sure you are working the same magic over there on the west side of the state!


  2. Surely he’s not a Republican, right? He’s loving and thoughtful, he sews and does Grange (started the Progressive Movement), and he made you food. He just needs more work. ;)I’ll join ya in the bathroom–Hubby’s parents are coming tonight. Ugh.


  3. When asked if the Ogre is a Republican he boredly answers “no.”He’s not a starry eyed, lazy about shaving liberal…he’s just married to one.


  4. *sheepishly eyes 10gazillion plastic HellMart bags dragged in from the car after today’s foraging trip*Do I reeeeeelly have to finish knitting (on baseball bats) the shitty string bag? And then mooooore? *sob*


  5. No! Save the environment in your own special way! I’m not trying to make you feel crap!Just recycle the bags you have, and get a better string bag pattern.Hugs and kisses!


  6. ***Quickly hiding the huge pile of plastic bags from the last trip to the store***Does reusing them to clean the catbox count as recylcing? Time to get out the market bag patterns I’ve been eying for the last 6 months or so and actually do something useful with them. I’m just about done with my Malabrigo Fetching mitts and need something useful and not too long to work on. Hope you all have a happy new year!!! XOXO


  7. use as catbox liners does count as recycling!so does use as garbage bag…


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