We Will ALWAYS Go Out Knitting!

Hello friends!

Just a quick warning, er, notice. There will be Zombie Prom Date Knitters today! That’s right, I was able to unload some Pigs and so it’s KNIT ON!

(I really need a better photo that doesn’t involve my neck.)

As for the ZPDK T’s I will be taking orders for them!! They are going for $16 and the tiny amount of proceeds are going to blind kids. Sounds like such a lie doesn’t it? It’s true! My sweet Aunt who made the original works at KRESA with visually impaired kids. The woman may get canonized, or just hit with a cannon. Either way, evil shirt=good cause!

You may note the Pocky, the Hob Nobs, and the Mexi-Coke. The way I figure, if Santa is going to travel the whole world delivering presents, he’s going to get hungry and have to stop at a few Quik-E-Marts. Man can not live on cookies and milk alone. Besides, I know this man loves him some Rum and Beef Jerky. He about bought Stubby’s out.

Hand made Holiday!!! New curtains!!!

“I feel like Hugh Hefner!”

Random Quotes:
“This is awesome, not boring awesome, super awesome.” Pig 1

“Ogres are tall” Holly

Pig 2 after getting a card and check “I got a bill”

“Holly do you want Suet Pudding?” “No, I’m drinking my dessert!”

Pig 2 “This is gross”

Grandpa is ok. He was defending a whole family from a vicious zombie attack. He managed to save the family, but he did break his wrist, a finger and sprained an ankle. I can’t even describe what that man did to the zombies.


7 responses to this post.

  1. lol that’s awesome! Last night we were trying to come up with fun reasons for his injuries. He especially liked “outrunning the cops, but the ejection seat malfunctioned,” “there was a heated Grange card game that went bad,” and “creative differences with someone on the banner committee at church.” They were all followed by, “but you should see the other guy!”lovekat


  2. Oh my, I hope he’s okay now and getting enough pain meds. Eeek!I can’t make it today. We’re going up to Frankenmuth with my mom (rescheduled from before Christmas). Can I still order a shirt?


  3. Yes! Grandpa really is ok! People are taking care of him right now :)Also, shirts are custom, so the first batch of orders will be placed around the end of January and then we will see if the demand is great enough to put in a second order!


  4. WT F-word is that black stuff??? Whatever it is, my comment on seeing it was “It looks burnt, I bet Holly made it” ;-)Abi says your red-eye matches your glasses exactly.We’re glad Gramps survived the zombie battle. Give the man a t-shirt! And a hug.It seems every post lately includes Mexi-Coke. I’m thinking I need to try some of that stuffs.


  5. Ah! I am drinking a Mexi-Coke and making Zombie Friendship Bread right now! It’s goooood!The black stuff…Suet Pudding. You read that right. Beef suet, dried fruit, ground and boiled. Figgy Pudding, Christmas Pudding, Spotted Dick, all made with Suet, all not using Suet in the name.Also known as “one of the reasons why I stopped eating meat and it’s by products.” I don’t likes it.My eyes are red and evil, but my heart is full of love.


  6. Spotted Dick??? Really? Truly?*giggles**more giggles*Two words–cheese burger. OK, one compound word. Anything but Spotted Dick. Holy crap that looks nasty.


  7. The frog man is by far my most favorite picture. Ready for action!


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