From Toilets to Tomatoes…I Can do That

Because you bathe in tubs, and poop in toilets, and you really aren’t supposed to mix the two up, when you get poo in your tub, it makes for trouble. What kind of trouble?

Well, it took some of this for me to clean the tub…

No, I didn’t use sweet, sweet rum on the poo tub! I had to drink liberal amounts of rum to be able to face the raw sewage stench of the bathroom. Yeah. Remember cute coffee boy and wink-wink come hither and me saying “not enough bleach in the world?” I love bleach. I love clean. I have poop in a bath tub. It was hurting my brain just knowing that.

Big shout out to Keith for the P. R. rum. Very sippable, very brain numbable.

On a less crappy note, let’s talk about Interweave Knits. Actually, Knit Scene by Interweave Knits.

So, no, the Ogre would not wear this sweater, but really, look at that model. Nice. The whole magazine is full of similar loveliness. Ok, not as good as this fine example, but much nicer on the whole than your regular magazine. What am I saying? It weren’t all full of skinny white blonde chicks.

Don’t get me wrong, there was one blonde girl in a tank top that was really dying for a ham sandwich. I won’t put her here. But it’s the model for the prairie halter.

But a big Snotty Shout Out to Shannon Okey of for her top-down raglans for big girls article. Girl knows her stuff.

Not only is this a cute sassy sweater but anyone can make it. She’s chosen a decently priced yarn that’s widely available at Michael’s etc and the article explains the reasoning behind the design elements. The price of the magazine is totally worth it for the article and this pattern alone.

The photos in the mag are even better. Buy the magazine…(hey! watcha, there’s a zombie! got it!)

Also…fan of the Tomato and it’s designer Wendy Bernard? There’s an interview with her and a cute simple pattern for a cardi!!! You know I love good cardi or 7.

Am I pimpin the Knit Scene? Yes. It’s lovely, well done, and so far I’ve not been in a fight with the editor. We could be future BFF’s.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh trust me, not “anyone” can knit that sweater. I may be a big girl, but no big girl sweater for me.


  2. I love that sweater! I have to get the mag! Why wasn’t it at my B&N the other day? Grr.Oh, sorry about not making it today. Long story short: I don’t feel well again and need a rest. Ugh. I hope you nail the zombies, though. 🙂


  3. Haha!! It’s official newsstand date isn’t until 12/25 and Michigan Barnes and Noble stores aren’t supposed to break out IK mags early due to a harshly worded letter from a certain snotty knitter we all know….


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