Garden Gate Scarf, It’ll Only Take 2 Minutes…

I decided to knit a scarf. Let me rephrase, I foolishly decided to knit myself a scarf. “blah, blah, pretty yarn, whatever shall I do with it? Oh, I will quickly knit a scarf.”

It must be ultra quick for me knit scarves in the alternate universe, but in this one, not so much. See that super cute scarf? All crazy cute with the flowers? I was thinking, right, knit the base up quick (yeah) and then use up scraps for the flowers. Done in 2 minutes!

The only thing done in 2 minutes is the Coke Cola’s imported from Mexico, made with real sugar, and tasting like heaven. Scarves are not. Please remind me of this the next time I say “oh, it will only take 2 minutes to knit.” Then had me a Mexi-Coke.

Last chance! Tonight is the 2nd Wednesday of the Month Knit-O-Rama at Koffee Klutch in Galesburg 6-8.

I know, you’re all, “I checked the time, they close at 7, Holly is stupid.” Well, I may be stupid about the amount of time it takes to knit a scarf, but…I talked to Koffee Klutch and asked if they would stay open late for us. They said as long as we were loud, used our outside voices and drank a lot of coffee.


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  1. So is the knit fest on for tonight and tomorrow, or just tonight?My daugher (you know, the 12 yr old looking phleb at Woodbridge)…well I sent her to Stitching Memories to take a knitting class for me, so I could learn by proxy. I suspect she didn’t go to the second night last night because now she is MIA. I’m annoyed.So now I have a circular needle and yarn, and don’t know what to do with it. I wish I had had the needles yesterday to poke out the eyes of the girl working at Yankee Candle, who asked me SIX times if I was finding everything ok.Stacey


  2. I’m so excited! I’ll be cooking all day and will definitely need a break by then.Hey, Stacey, bring everything over tonight, and I’ll get you started. 🙂


  3. Stacey!!!We meet tonight at Koffee Klutch from 6-8. (2nd Wednesday of the month)Bring your stuff! We will get you going! Carina is a certified knitting instructor. The rest of us are just certifiable.We also meet every Thursday 1-3 at Water Street Coffee Joint (the one at the corner of Oakland and Whites road) If you ever decide to skip work.Hope to see you there!!!!


  4. well, i just got home from lunch with the girls, and discovered that my dog shit all over the house. Diarrhea. Now I’m crabby….so I just might be there. I will be tied to a beeper, am on call…but who cares, it’s not too far from the hospital.I’ll try to make it!


  5. Mexi-Coke sounds delish!


  6. I missed y’all today. Had to stay home and make spindles. *pout*


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