To Clear Up Some Confusion

This is my haircut. Boring. Plain.

I have an emergency call into George. It goes something like this “George, you cut my hair really nice, but I look plain, and boring. I swear, I will use products, and a blow dryer. I may even shave my legs, but really, I need this fixed.”

I’m going to look like the Flock of Seagulls guy.

This one is Shelly. There may have been some confusion in an earlier post. I love Shelly’s haircut. I would like to have her haircut, but that would be very Single White Female.

Here are ways to tell Shelly and I apart in the future.

Shelly is wearing white. I cannot wear white, in the alternate universe, I am the evil twin. In this universe, I have 3 little Pigs. Pigs like to put gravy, jelly, snot and syrup on me. Ok, the syrup is usually my own doing. I love pancakes.

Also, I am a photo fiend. If the camera is out, I will pose. It won’t be a pretty pose, I will make an ass of myself or those around me, but I won’t hide behind knitting. Oh no, I will use that opportunity to make a silly face, or ruin your shot by making your kid giggle. It’s a gift, to you, a curse.

Now, on to knitting. My Tulip sweater, or actually the baby Tulip sweater I am working on, will look like no other. Why you ask? Because, it’s all the rage, and yes, I wanted to make one too, but I wanted it to look a little different than all the others.

So, I made the top stripes skinny and the bottom stripes wide. Mostly because I thought the Peach color was ugly, which is too bad because the greens are awesome. But I really like barfy greens and not everyone agrees about that being an attractive shade. I sort of blame that on the use of split pea soup in the Exorcist.


4 responses to this post.

  1. If you dye the hair fuschia, Holly, maybe you won’t find it boring any more. Some nice deep purple streaks would work too… 🙂 PS the word verfication below says DYEodkbk [emphasis added]. Coincidence? I think not…


  2. You know, I used to keep my hair a lovely shade of burgundy…


  3. Photos?!? For those of us who didn’t know you then??? Please, please, please?


  4. Hey Holly, I like the puke greens, too. Do NOT, though, dye your hair a puke green color. Fucsia does sound lovely though…it would definitely stand out. I can’t believe I’m going to miss another ZPDK. We’re going to Detroit for the holidays and won’t be back until Sat. Bugger it!! See you next Thursday.


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