After Your Early Morning Outlaw Knitting…Take a Break

After you’ve spent your $$ take time for your self to relax.

I’m serious. Take care of yourself, remember who loves ya baby? Just Kojak and your Zombie Prom Date Knitting Friends!

When: Day after Thanksgiving

Where: Koffee Klutch
2 West Michigan Ave.
Galesburg, Michigan
269-665-JAVA (5282)

Time: 10am-the holiday gifts are knit

Really this is a drop in bit of fun. I am going to do some Outlaw knitting during the insanity shopping hours and then just be here to eat, drink, and knit. The Klutch opens at 9 and is looking forward to be invaded by some Zombie Prom Date Knitters.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’ll be there after the evil forces leave after lunch!! Whoooooo!


  2. No shopping on Friday for me…yick. I will be there with fuzz (in lieu of bells) on. I’m sure Em will force me to bring her as well.


  3. Wait…there’s only ONE of these places, right? You’re not all planning to meet at the other one and leave me hanging by my needles?*sob*


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