Inside Shoes

This is some of the fun being had in the 49th dimension

The Zombie Stompers are actually really comfy, but I’m taking it easy today and just bumming around in my “in side” shoes.

The Ogre doesn’t like me wearing shoes in the house, so I bought some special “in side” only shoes and proceeded to stomp about the house in them.

The coffee table…

The pretty couch…

My chair…

The Ogre’s chair. I won’t actually sit on the Ogre’s chair, because I know for certain that a Pig had an accident in said chair. Yep, the Ogre doesn’t need to know that.

Finally, jumping on the Ogre’s chair. Because really, what else was I to do?

Also, went for the Charity Knit hat. I need to build up some good deeds, I feel some stupid coming on…


One response to this post.

  1. Fab inside shoes! Talk to Converse and see if you can start a product line (or a second line with L and R on the appropriate shoe. Can’t help you there because most days I can’t figure it out myself…)


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