Lot’s of FAKE zombies out tonight.
Please DO NOT patrol tonight.
Stay home, knit and hand out candy.

But really, drive careful, watch out for those dressed as zombies, werewolves and witches. For the most part the real undead take tonight off. They hate sharing the spotlight.

Knitting note, Stitching Memories gives a 15% off discount on your Birthday. Guess who ditched work an hour early yesterday and went to Stitching Memories? I can tell you it wasn’t the Pathologist.

Also, if you knit, you are in Budapest and you are going to bring me back some chocolate when you get back to Kalamazoo, your package is on the way…it may take awhile.

Plus, Stubby’s Smokehouse Beef Jerky this week at Zombie Prom Date Knitters!!! Thursday at Waterstreet Coffee Joint at the Oakland Plaza location. I say we stay there until we are officially asked to leave.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Going to friends’ place – friends are housesitting and kidsitting for two weeks. I get to hand out candy… but I think I’ll be supping too much of the liquid elixir known as Keith’s to knit. Good call though, Holly. Thanks for the note about real zombies. I was worried there for a while.


  2. I’m going to rearrange my schedule to be there tomorrow. I have your yarn and needles, and I need a Mahgreb Mint tea.Happy Halloween! Stephen’s a farmer again (surprise), and Anna’s a fairy queen. Not the Faerie Queen, but still cute.


  3. i get the idea that people are trying to install a unisex bathroom on me and my wife if you do we will divorce you


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