We did More this Weekend Before the Indians Lost Game 7 Than You Did All Weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

We sold popcorn

No photos, but we plunged toilets, we may need to talk to a plumber, or an exorcist, or check a county map and see if the whole Indian Burial Ground thing is under our home. Which would be way uncool. Jilly, we may need some help with some angry ancestors who have a thing against indoor heating/cooling and plumbing. Lame.

Oooh, I also snuck off to Stitching Memories‘ Open House with Pig 1. We briefly met
The Plucky Knitter! We met her, but not her yarn. But we will be meeting her yarn in the near future. SM will be carrying some of her hand dyed laceweight and sockweight in the shop in starting I believe on the 30th…hey, Happy Birthday to Me!!!

We also attended a swinging Fall Festival. Sadly, there were no Gold Fish to be won. As my buddy Deborah said “if you stink at throwing, you’re not getting any candy.” We had great dreams of taking over and making it an old school 70’s style Fall Festival. But we will see how enthusiastic we feel next year this time. But come one, no Gold Fish? Weak.

Helping out the PTA, look. That’s right, knitting, charity work, a “real” job, raising pigs, fighting the Epic Battle against Zombies (soon in sweet new boots), plus time to help the PTA, and do it in a kicky apron. Jealous? Pick one up at the Home Grange Swiss Steak Supper and Craft Bazaar, 1st Friday in December. Yeah, I’m sick of typing it too.

You let a Pig have candy and pizza for dinner and look what happens. He grows a mustache.

Look! My Ogre brought donuts as a reward for not burning down the house!!! I managed to not set the house on fire because I didn’t cook the whole time he was gone. He should have dropped the Timbits off at the Pizza Place…

Wondering what beat my Midnight Tomato? Stupid Crochet baby set.
I think I lost by volume. If my sweater would have been long sleeved, I would have won. I think they may actually weigh the knit goods. I will test this theory next year by having the Pigs put more snot into next years project.

I’m so rotten, it was probably made by some sweet old lady. Oh, screw that. She’s all sitting there with her scotch and her cigar guffawing about how well she fooled everyone and her sister bought this at a craft show in Maine and she entered it and doesn’t care. Hey! Maybe it’s future me!!! I hope I still have my sweet red boots!

No, really I’ve decided on co-ordinating crocheted bikini’s for the New Bionic Women Sarah and Jamie. Yep, and then ask them to pose in them for a Grange celebrity fundraiser calendar.

Look! There’s Jackie’s scarf!! She also got 2nd place! But I bought her the yarn, so I sort of helped. My sari circle bag got nothing! Little do they know that the bag had like, uh, a lot of $$$ worth of yarn in it. But you know, and it’s going to be for sale at the

Home Grange Swiss Steak Supper and Bazaar
December 7th 2007

It will be a good deal. I’m betting less than $20. I may also put the sweater in. Maybe my Tuscany Shawl also. It’s for charity…


7 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! My family’s not the only one stuck in Cub Scout Popcorn Land. My Eldest has sold over 600.00 of the stuff by himself. I can’t wait for the sale to be over!


  2. Woohoo! Congrats on the Popcorn sales!! We are at about 1/2 that, you could say we are slackers, or busy fighting evil.


  3. I’ll be at the bazaar. I need an apron. 🙂


  4. I’m tired just reading your post! What did I do this weekend? Sat on my butt, thought about cleaning the house, thought better of cleaning the house, went and bought junk food at Shoppers and stuck glass to canvas. DO NOT DONATE YOUR TUSCANY!!! If you’re going to donate it anywhere, donate it to the Kristina Hallowe’en Costume Project… I discovered last evening that my tuscany makes 1/2 of a fancy latin dance skirt and just need another one and a Carmen Miranda headdress (from Craft mag vol. 4). Oh, and maybe a brassiere. That would probably be wise.


  5. Sorry for yelling before. But don’t donate your Tuscany unless it will get at least $1000 for charity. That is at least what it is worth. Saw the following pattern and thought of you because of the title:http://www.magknits.com/Apr06/patterns/zombie.htm


  6. WOW!!!! You were busy. I am tired just reading about it!


  7. Do you really want the Tuscany? It’s on the small side. I used one skein and I am a crappy blocker. It’s pretty though.Craft mag RULES!!Come to the bazaar…aprons save clothes. Plus, everyone needs an extra pocket.


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