Travel Knitting, Why Don’t I remember Thee?

Why do I never have travel knitting? I’m smart enough to carry a travel shovel, because really, you never know when you’re going to face a zombie uprising, but I never expect free time for knitting.

Same with my planner. I never expect to need to make a follow up appointment. Sure, one TB test is good, but let’s make darn sure none of those zombies haven’t also been carrying TB and test you again. Come on. A follow up TB appointment? It’s like they read my secret diary

“Dear Diary,

Above all things, I fear birds and TB. I may not go back to work at the lab because of the annual TB test and nesting birds in the parking lot.”

As I sit with no knitting, a snot green pen, no planner, a travel shovel, a grocery list, zotz candy, hand sanitizer, a resusable bag and one wooden knitting needle-in case of vampires, I lament my sad state of affairs.

Oh, why did I think ahead to have one wooden knitting needle but no actual knitting project in my bag? You should really do this too. The vampires are getting really fiesty. You may have noticed a certain frightening commercial for the movie 30 Days of Night. Yeah, it comes out this Friday.

I have not seen such vampire activity since the 1992 Vampire Union of Inaccurate Portrayal of the Undead in a Film up rising. You should have seen them trying make posters.

What I am trying to say is this, besides the normal zombie activity, please watch out for vampires. I know you love your addi turbos, and your knitpick options nickel plated. But check out the new knitpick harmony needles, not only are they pretty, they might save your life.


5 responses to this post.

  1. The Harmony needles are very pretty. My only concern in buying them would be that I would inadvertently stab some loudmouth on the bus who was yelling on their cell phone (the 21st century zombies, IMHO). 😉


  2. PS am off to travel for work. We’ll see if they seize my sharp pointy addi lace needles! Wish me luck.


  3. Good luck Friend! Try a test jab, the true undead will not feel it, a human will…


  4. Success is mine! Sitting up here in Sault Ste Marie with knitting needles. There are a couple of other knitters at the conference! One has a theory that all men are scared of knitting needles. We tried it out on her coworker with my addis (pointy tips, long cords). He ran shrieking out of the room! ;)I think the guy screening bags at the airport WAS an undead… but hadn’t thought to try this test. Maybe on the return trip…


  5. Sault St Marie!! Ah, the Mighty Locks! Airport security may not be the best place to use the jab test. I hear they employ a lot of undead there. Something about the lighting, and the artificial air makes for happy zombies, or at least non brain hungry zombies.


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