It was completely Scrap-tastic!

I took the day off from saving the world and instead cut up my memories, played with stickers and arranged them in a pretty acid-free, will last through the Apocalypse photo album. Now, it’s guaranteed not to yellow my photos, but will it hold up to zombie brains? Actually, I’m guessing yes.

Did I really partake in “scrapbooking?” No. I ate food, I played with stickers, I held babies and said things like

“cake is good”

“do you want more spinach dip?”

“for the last time I don’t have the cutting thing!”

“if you want me to knit your kid a sweater like that one, have a girl next time”

“no, your baby’s sweater isn’t done yet”

“no, your baby’s sweater isn’t done yet”

“you’re having a girl! Can I just knit a bib?”

So, not a lot of actual photos into albums getting done. But it’s the thought that counts.

Ooooh, and the Mom of the 2 armed baby was totally willing to take the one armed baby sweater. She’s a good friend.

See, the kid has two arms.

Here is the Beribboned Eyelets Baby Sweater from the book kids kids kids that got me into this whole knitting baby sweaters for friends mess. Actually, it’s super easy to make, and Sarah says she gets complements every time her daughter wears it. Oh, snap! (Yeah, My Name is Earl is back!)

PS Kathy, we love you and the fam!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Very cute!


  2. Oh – by the way, sounds like a far more fun baby shower than the last 5 I avoided… er, couldn’t attend! Up here (at least in my community of origin) it has become the custom for expectant mothers to REGISTER for baby showers and throw these extravagant dos. Given that I’ll have to shell out for a gift for the christening party, I tend to take a pass. 😉 I want to throw a party for myself, something like “I’ve been shacked up for over three years, which is nothing short of a miracle, so buy me gifts” and register at all the LYSs in Toronto. 😉


  3. Oh! It wasn’t even a baby shower! We just get together and do scrapbooking and everyone is always either pregnant or having babies! It’s like a plague!I totally think you should throw yourself a party!!! You should register too!The Ogre and I throw a Hurricane Party every few years, and it’s really and anniversary party! Celebrate love man!


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