Zombie Prom Date Knitters! Watch Out Zombies, I’ve Got Back Up!

Zombie Prom Date Knitters went off today, like, gee, a Zombie’s head with a shovel! Look Naysayers!! Real human friends! On the left we have Jen, holding a baby sock for her soon to be niece, and on the right, Shelley, Monkey Trainer and Charity hat knitter extraordinaire!

Serious. Turns out, Zombie Prom Date Knitters are totally about saving the world from zombies and keeping kids warm! Just making the world a better place. Oh, so many great things to put on a knitting bag! You know you want to knit with us, but can you handle it?

Dude in the corner with the laptop doing his homework, he handled it. He may have been hearing impaired, or had a high tolerance for, uh, mocha drinking, knitting zombie fighters. Yeah, you get a lot of those around these here parts.

So with all the generous going around, I was feeling sort of crap. Yeah, that’s right, crap. You see, in my great big book of plans. No, not the planner, no, not my fancy knitting journal. Huh, wonder where that cool thing is?

My head, my head where all my stinking plans go because I always lose my stupid planner. Whatever Ogre “put it in the same place and don’t move it.” If I put it in the same place and don’t move it how do I turn the pages to the dates that I need? If I don’t move it, I won’t have it with me when I need it.

Right, it needs a Home at home and I need to carry it with me. But I got a new one and it’s ugly and I am ashamed to carry it. Blah green, stickers won’t stick to it, ugly. Right, knit it a cool cover, that will happen, just as soon as people stop having babies and needing baby gifts. Breeders.

So, brain planner says Retro Cardigan is on hold until Kat’s Noro bag is finished, and nice charity items are completed (except for the new Poems/Noro bag because that’s my no thinking travel project.)

Kat, here’s your bag….

Your dog was fine when I let her out by the way.

It’s cute, maybe I will keep it.

Hateful bag number 2. This bag has been in unfinished limbo for over a year! Made from a skein of Mango Moon recycled silk. I will never work with that stuff again. Pretty colors, blah, blah. It’s stinky, and dirty, and all breaky and fuzzy. I hated knitting with it.

If you love the bag, and want to buy it, it will be at the Home Grange Bazaar the first Friday in December. I may be able to work out a deal if you want to buy it early. The money goes to charity. Hear that, bag donated to charity.

Word of caution Tigers Fans! If you go into a preschool wearing a bright orange shirt with a big D on it, you will be attacked by a crowd of snot nosed germ carriers…they weren’t even the snot noses of my family members.

“you look like a crayon”…”you have the letter D”…”my Mom is taller than you, and prettier”…”your shoes are brown”…”do you like cheese”

I said “You guys are all awesome, I like cheese and I am short, all Moms are the prettiest Mom, but I am the coolest.” Top that tall pretty Mom!

Finally, a hat for charity.

So, Ogre what did I do today? I had so much caffeine that I turned into some sort of demented competitive charity fiend and completed a bunch of knitting projects. Hey! It’s like I’m in training for the Knitting Olympics!! Plus, I’m cooler than the Yarn Harlot, this is the Charity Olympics. Rock that!

Blah, blah, burn in hell.
First I take on Interweave Knits and Pam Allen complaining about the shoddy subscription service.

Then I bitch and moan about how boring Knitting Daily is.

Oh, I forgot about the saying Vogue Knitting must be going under because they wasted all their money on their 25th Anniversary 25 wasteful covers issue, and their website is now being hosted by knittinginternational not vogueknitting.

So, sorry Yarn Harlot, I like you, I thought the Knitting Olympics was cool. I’m really just picking on you. But those other chicks are, and some were, being idiots. Again, hell, not a new idea. Remember all those good deeds.

Speaking of…My Name is Earl.

Argggh! Check this! I am so fashion! Yahoo just said “sack dress makes a come back in Milan” Potato sack, knit with snot, Milan. Yes, it’s so high fashion here at the House Of Snot Fashions.


5 responses to this post.

  1. yay! The bag is totally cute! And yes, I did find your note on the overflowing kitchen table the next day! hehehe I think that a garden gnome is an EXCELLENT idea – but now I need two…damn hound. :p Can you just knit a few of those up for me??? lol I’m excited about your potato sack dresses too. I will ask mi mama what pattern she used for mine way back when….lovekatps whatchu fools up to this weekend? Jilly is traveling and I will be sad and bored lol


  2. Haircuts in IN amGrange pmApple picking at 11 Sunday!!! Wanna go?


  3. Zombie Prom Date knitters rock!


  4. House of Snot Fashions – sounds like the ideal Christmas Present 2007 line! I LOOOOVE Kat’s bag. What’s up with the lame-o Knitting daily posts on lining bags, though? I actually thought I might get some helpful info. Using my old mouldy shower curtain was not what I expected.


  5. Eeeeewwwh! It said to use your shower curtain??? I am so glad I don’t read that! That’s nasty. Like super nasty. I wouldn’t wrap a headless zombie in my shower curtain it’s so nasty.Zombie Prom Date Knitters do Rock 🙂


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