My Tigers Shirt is Lucky-For Knitting, NOT the Tigers

So this morning I was getting out my official Team B Detroit Tigers t shirt to wear to a knitting meet up. Oh, yes, didn’t I tell you? I ‘m going to take the snot on the road.

Actually, all the snot will be in school, and the snarkiness will be on the road. Actually, the snarkiness will be sitting down eating things that are bad for those with high cholesterol, but really, isn’t eating naughty baked goods in the Outlaw Knitters Official Rulebook?

So, what the heck am I talking about? I am going to go knit. That’s what I am saying, knitting, I am going to go knit, and eat. But I always do that, but I am going to meet up with people and try not to make an ass of myself, hahaha. If you would like to see me make an ass of myself, check it:

Zombie Prom Date Knitters 1-3
Water Street Coffee Joint
3037 Oakland Drive Kalamazoo, Michigan 49008

That’s right, a named Knitting Group which will probably just end up being me. Like that’s ever stopped me from swilling soy mochas and chowing whatever looks really bad for me before.

But the part that makes the Tigers shirt LUCKY for knitting, and yes I meant to type yell there, is so awesome and sweet, and super awesome, well, here goes.

To start, the Tigers shirt is Orange. Orange is pretty. Orange goes well with blue, we know this from the Detroit Tigers themselves, it’s their “colors.” But don’t stop their, the color orange is the new black, it really ties an outfit together the way no other color can.

Plus, orange looks sweet with all my other favorite colors, like green and brown and purple, and pink and well, darn it, look how sweet all my favorite colors look with Orange…

Here you have me in the fave shirt, can you guess where I am? It was somewhere super fun…Fiber Fest! Which finally leads to my favorite fiber place…no, not Stitching Memories, no, not, Handweavers, no, not even Threadbear! I’m talking about Briar Rose Fibers here folks!

Ooooh, remember the serious dime, I mean, the money I didn’t spend at Fiber Fest, because I didn’t bring any money. But I brought one lone check and I spent it at Briar Rose to make the next on the list Retro Cardigan? (I got Tuscany in Burnt Orange)

Well, I signed up for their Knit-A-Long...and signed up for a giveaway…and I won the drawing!!!! Really! It’s all mystery surprise, and I’m so excited! I feel like I won the Golden Ticket!

3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m there – and wearing orange.


  2. You won the drawing! You are soooo lucky! I wanna see!


  3. Oh, I am sure you will see 1 million photos when I get it!!!Soooo excited!


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