Busted by the Ogre, and So Early in the Day…

So I’m checking the WMU Broncos Website for info about what you can and cannot bring into Waldo Stadium and I say “It’s like they’re setting the College Students up to fail. You can’t find what you aren’t supposed to bring in.”

The Ogre responds with a hardy “You’re going to have to risk those knitting needles. I do read your blog you know.”

Yeah, turns out he knows about the stash, the foolishness, and the whole 9 yards…

But look what I did find on the WMU website about Kalamazoo in general…Look at all that culture. Too bad more people arent’ enjoying it…alas, ignorance is bliss.

Kalamazoo, the home of WMU’s main campus, is the fifth largest city in Michigan, with a county population of more than 220,000 residents. The city is located midway between Chicago and Detroit, 140 miles from each, 2.5 hours driving time on I-94. Kalamazoo offers commercial transportation by train, bus, and major airline.

WMU’s Miller Auditorium, Wings Stadium and the historic Chenery Auditorium and State Theater offer an array of concerts featuring diverse music and popular entertainment. The city is home to the Kalamazoo Ballet, the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, and the prestigious Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival.


5 responses to this post.

  1. He reads your blog! It must be love. :)So, can you take needles or what?


  2. It doesn’t say “No Knitting Needles” I couldn’t find anything except some info saying I couldn’t tailgate with 3 kegs and a couch. So I guess the knitting needles, the 2 kegs and the loveseat are a go!


  3. Here is my complete social ignorance… I had never heard of tailgating parties until watching an episode of Chef At Large a couple three weeks back when he helped cater one. Now, it’s all I hear about! How did I miss out on this phenomenon. Holly, we must work on a North American Tailgating/knitting bash. Just putting my loveseat into a crate as we speak… and will order 6 or 7 two-fers of Keiths.


  4. Oh – PS my DH does not read the blog (he is computer illiterate. He knows how to turn his computer on and off at work and play Spider Solitaire (and kicks my ass at this, the bugger!). So – I don’t really know what stops me of posting embarrassing photos of him… 😉


  5. I took knitting to a Kings game this summer. Baseball, football…what’s the differnce? LOLI don’t think Peter reads my blog but he visits my Etsy shop when he’s away on business. He gets so excited telling me about sales when he calls. Like I don’t know about them until he tells me? 😉


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