Are YOU Ready for some Football?

I am bloody well ready for some football. I know, I know Marty just expelled some sort of food from his nose just over the thought of football (he hates all organized sport, actually he may hate all organization in general.)

Anyway, I plan to sit down, yes, sit down, and knit. I am going to knit and watch football, eat chips and knit. What will the pigs be doing? Don’t care. Actually I do. I hope they will be learning the finer points of Football through some sort of magical osmosis or me yelling “FALSE START!”

My other big NFL plan is to go through the local big chain store, Michael’s, inspect their yarn and then have the Ogre help me match colors to NFL teams. Crazy? Yes. That way we can all have easy access to the info we need… Which Yarn Makes Perfect Team Color Hats. It’s a dual sickness.


5 responses to this post.

  1. You know I’m ready! I’ve got yarn for David for an OSU hat and another Brown hat. What about Western, though? I was thinking of making myself one. I just finished Anna’s purple hat for Lakeview.Lakeview was away last night. *sigh* Really needed some high school football where I could yell at the players and be heard. 😉


  2. The Cascasde 220 (Superwash) has the perfect brown and yellow for Western Colors. For extreme cheapness, I also saw that Lion Brand’s Vanna White line has a brown and yellow that would be right for Western. You need a hat!


  3. Whoo! Go Western!


  4. I think we need to be hush-hush about being Western Fans for the time being…


  5. “I know, I know Marty just expelled some sort of food from his nose just over the thought of football”Ackk, Ackk, Phuuu!!! I HATE it when that happens!Marty


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