Knitting on the Down low

Ok, so I have been knitting. I just haven’t posted any photos, because well, I may have to frog it, and I don’t want to, and it just seems like cursing it to photo it.

Here’s the scoop. Beth’s birthday, uh, was in July, and I started making the Bits of Lace Tank from Lanaknits (which I always call hemp for knitting). Super cute, should take like a week to knit, no big deal. Then I had to be all volunteer construction crew, and get tendinitis, oh, and the summer fun with the pigs, and camping probably didn’t help, oh, but it was a rockin’ good time.

So, somehow, between the beginning of July, and all that fun, I lost the second page of my knitting instructions. Sure, I could go upstairs and make another copy. But then the Ogre would notice that I was knitting, which I am not supposed to do until, well this coming Monday.

Now, Beth is shorter than I am, and little, like, petite little, and the body of her tank top is turning into a 4 foot long bizarre tube that could either be an art installation or a boa constrictor tube top (for a boa with athletic boobs.) So, see, no photos. Unlike the pee soaked tent, I am actually embaressed by this.

Vogue Knitting…has anyone seen a copy besides subscribers? Can someone score me a copy, Dad? Carina? This is how I will end up with 20 copies, sell them for a profit and retire to, well my tent in the back yard. Not an outhouse, tent.

Ooooh, scrapbooking tomorrow. Watch out, gift involved for some poor soul that I am related to. You unlucky bugger. All photos of me and my knitting mistakes. It’s like a 400 pound photo album.


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  1. I need to be out and about today a bit. I’ll look around here. šŸ™‚


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