More info on leaving the Cave…

This is where we ate…

The Beacon Club! Kinda fancy for us, how’d we score a membership you ask?

Ah, of course there is a story, and I can’t give away all my secrets, but let’s just say there was a charity silent auction involved.

I even brushed my hair, put on make up and found matching sandals. Although there is a dress code, and I did adhere to it, I think that they will add a “no hippie chick attire” clause to the code.

Sarah and John. No, we weren’t all kicked out, we actually left of our own accord. Although we were off to one corner so as to not bother anyone. But our waiter kind of took a liking to us after he over heard me telling a story about swilling PBR in Raleigh. I generally don’t drink cheap brew, but when in Rome, or NC. He offered to line us up with Tequila after our desserts. I knew it was time to go. Tequila=bad.

Ogre says no photos.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! A pigsitter and a fancy eatin’ place. Y’all aren’t gonna start livin’ fancy like Jed Clampit are ya? And if ya do, ken I come over ta swim in the cement pond? heeheeSeriously, though… it sounds like a lovely evening. Glad you had fun and a little getaway time from the kids is always a good thing. šŸ™‚


  2. Oh, I had an awesome comment and I messed it up! dang it.No, we weren’t puttin on airs. I had to hock the pig crib to pay for the pig sitter!


  3. Use to have a membership there when I worked for Old Kent Bank (Early 1990’s). It use to be an awesome place with excellent food…is it still?


  4. I’m still a fan of the food. Then again, I love food!! The drinks are also, nice and drink-y. For example, a rum and coke is actually a RUM and…..coke, or even RUUUM, lime, ice, and….coke. Yes, I like that place.


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