Team B Takes on a Tigers Game!!

Ok, so Team B has some new members. No, I didn’t adopt a crew of additional pigs, that would be pretty cool though, uh, no. No, Cart, Beth, PK and Dan, are taking on the Team B colors for the Tigers ball game.

I figured since this was sort of a big deal Team B outing, it would be pretty lame if there were only 4 out of 8 of us in Team B shirts.

So we now will have Holly B as team Mom, Harry Bear, El Tigre, Owee O, Critter (Carter) Bizzy B (Beth), Nana PK, and well Dan would be Sleepy Papa but he gets an actual golf shirt because this outing is also for his birthday. No, I didn’t drop the $50 for his name to be on the jumbotron.

Oh, the shirts. Well, Bizzy B has already taken issue with them. You see, the new Team B memebers only got to pick their Team names, they had no say in the shirt colors. I went with the Classic Detroit Tiger Orange. The Pigs will be easier to spot, the Team names are easier to write on the back, and darn it I like orange. So, I already have a mutiny to sort out.

I hope it rains, that will only add to the fun.

So watch for a large group on the Fox Sports Network wearing Tiger Orange T’s, possibly picking our noses, or making asses of our selves in some other dumb way. But having fun, and eating beef jerky. Well, not me, but, I did buy it. My favorite store says the veggie, Stubby’s Smokehouse in Vicksburg.


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