Harry Helps Out-His first volunteer project!!!

Harrison’s school was putting in a Community Built playground this weekend. We dropped off soda Saturday morning before we left for South Bend.

After the haircuts and the zoo, Pig 1 and I put in two hours of heavy labor. We moved dirt, picked up rocks, leveled the ground, and then shoveled and put down mulched recycled tires!

Here is Harrison helping out. That’s his 1st grade teacher in the orange shirt. That was a pile of mulch as tall as Harrison, all moved by shovels and wheelbarrows.
Here is the new playground equipment. The kids are removing the police tape. Yes, police tape, no messing on this stuff until it’s safe.
Here we are, 5 hours of work later. Did we have a great time? Yes. Can we move? No. Would we do it again? Heck yes!!! It was super fun, a great thing to do for our school, and we’ll be back as soon as our school has enough money to work on the next segment of the playground.

But really, it hurts to move, I think my wand hand is broken, and I may splinch myself if I try to apparate. I also feel that I will have uneven abs now. I can only shovel one from one side. But now I will be even. I’ve got a strong right arm from carrying kids, and a left side 3 pack of abs.

Also, I ran into my Kindergarten Round Up Mom Friend Deborah!!! Yipppeee! She’s so fun. We met when our Pig 1’s were going into K, we were all “our babies are starting school, what are we going to do!!” Now we’re all “so, want to go do Super Suppers and share a babysitter?” Very Rocker.

Maybe my new knit with snot for you in a store can make some money and I will have to donate the proceeds to the PTA. Aaahhh, darn those good deeds!

When we got home, Pig 2 gave me a hug and said “Mom, you smell like a man.” Yes, I was stinky, and I felt good about it.

Harry? Harry is beside himself with pride. He wore his stink like a badge. He was also the official elementary school photo journalist. He was on special assignment from the Principal to get photos of all the kids who were there helping for a beginning of school year slide show they were going to have made about the building of the new playground. He took some awesome photos. He worked like a true pig, no he worked like 3.


4 responses to this post.

  1. *giggle* My kids just tell me I stink, not that I smell like a man. Maybe you opened his little world up to those mysterious women not being all that different. 😉


  2. Fine job, Harry!


  3. Good job, Harry and Man Smell Mom! heehee… that’s so cool… smelling like a man…


  4. Thanks for all the love!


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